White House Chief of Staff – “I’m not being fired today” – Video

Rumors and White House sources say that Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly – a man of impeccable integrity and grit – is leaving the White House. But today, Kelly put the brakes on all those speculations – or probably fueled those speculations – when he addressed the media telling them, “I’m not quitting today… I don’t think I’m being fired today.”

Many say the retired General is one of the glue keeping the Trump White House in tact, that he and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are the buffers keeping Trump’s insanity from having its full effect on the American people and quite frankly, the rest of the world. When he took the job a few months ago there were high hopes that Kelly would be able to control the 72-year-old kid in the Oval office. Sadly, however, reality has set in and many are questioning Kelly’s effect on Trump.

I have a feeling that the next time Kelly speaks to the media, he will be talking about why he left his job as White House Chief of Staff.

Watch Kelly’s remarks below