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Man Goes to Wedding, Shoots Three People – Video

Nothing is sacred anymore. The Brazilian man follows a bride into a church, lifts his shirt and pulls out a gun shooting 3 people, and it’s all caught on tape!

In the video, an unidentified Brazilian bride is seen making her way down the aisle at Our Lady of Conception Church as a man in a striped t-shirt and jeans walks behind her.

As the bride gets to the front of the church, the man walks into one of the pews and says something to one of the guests. The man then lifts up his shirt, pulls out a gun and starts shooting. As guests run for cover, the shooter is seen calmly walking out the front door of the church.

Believe it or not, following the chaos the bride and groom actually continued the ceremony and got married.


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The United States of Underdogs!


I. I believe. I believe that. I believe that we. I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, that is the battle cry of the American Outlaws. They are the official fan club of the United States Men’s National Team. You can find them all over the country. The group has 125 official bars, nation wide. If you are in the big apple, you can find these hooligans at Dempsey’s on West 34th street. But if you’re in Brazil this month, you will find a whopping 590 of these die hards.

In fact, it’s been said that the United States has the most supporters in Brazil other than Brazil themselves. If, that doesn’t make you feel proud, check your pulse.

This American team should not have made it out of the “group of death” according to experts, but they did. They sought revenge against Ghana for knocking them out in two previous cups, and got it. They almost beat Portugal but ended up with a heart breaking tie. And of course, they lost a 1-0 game to a German team that is capable of scoring often. The effort was good enough to get them out of the group.

Next is Belgium. And if you’re an American, then you should be very sure of what you are doing on Tuesday at 4:00. You have to understand that when it comes to sports, or pretty much anything, America is anything but an Underdog. However, in the World Cup, that is exactly what they are. Still, they are forcing teams to take them serious. With youth on their side and their country behind them, they believe they can do the impossible. Beat Belgium and go on to win 3 more games, to capture the Cup.

Now if you are one of the few that hasn’t flocked to places like Grant Park in Chicago or Madison Square Park in NYC or a bar like Dempsey’s, then my guess is that you really just aren’t into soccer. That’s fine, because this isn’t about soccer. It’s about screaming your f**king head off for the red white and blue. Americans don’t agree on anything. Not war, religion, politics or even sports teams. But when those players put on those jerseys with the US Soccer logo, we can agree on them. And we can cheer for them

So on Tuesday, leave work a little early. Go find a bar or a deli or a restaurant or a park or a doctors office waiting room or a barber shop
or any place with a TV, because I guarantee that they will all be showing the game. Sit down or stand up and cheer for Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Graham Zusi, Tim Howard and the rest of the Red White and Blue to do something it has never done in the men’s World Cup. Win the whole damn thing!

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TIME TO PANIC – Coffee Shortage Already Starting


Usually during this time of year, the delicate Arabica coffee plants in the mountains of Brazil, where most of the world’s coffee comes from, are maturing. White, fragrant flowers have appeared, followed by cherry-like fruit, each containing two seeds: Arabica coffee beans, the most popular in the world.

But last month, the worst drought in decades hit Brazil’s coffee belt region, destroying crop yields and causing the price of coffee to shoot up by more than 50 percent so far this year. The drought is historic, with more than 140 cities in Brazil forced to ration water. The country’s leading newspapers reported that some neighborhoods are receiving water only every three days.

For now, retail prices for coffee are stable. Roasters typically have enough supplies to cover themselves for a few months. But if the price of the Arabica (pronounced uh-RAB-ick-uh) beans continues to rise, consumers could start seeing the cost of their morning coffee creep up later this year, according to Jack Scoville, a futures market analyst specializing in grains and coffee, among other commodities.

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Brazilian Rapper Shot and Killed On Stage [VIDEO]

 A rapper named MC Daleste was shot and killed while performing while performing Saturday night in Campinas, a town near Sao Paulo.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

The 20-year-old, whose birth name was Daniel Pellegrine, was rapping to a crowd at a public housing complex when he was attacked, according to Billboard, which cited local news sources. After the incident, he was rushed to an area hospital, where he died, the publication said.

No information has been released on arrests or potential suspects in the case.

Video of the shooting shows the musician breezing through a mid-tempo hip-hop track before the crowd when he suddenly collapses and falls to the ground.

Last week in northern Brazil, a referee stabbed and killed a soccer player after an argument over a call. It led to the ref being decapitated by the dead player’s fans

As for the killing of Daleste, there is extremely graphic video footage of the shooting (it presently has more than 4oo million views) on the next page.

Rest in peace Daniel “MC Daleste” Pellegrine.

– See more at: http://hiphopwired.com/2013/07/08/brazilian-rapper-shot-killed-on-stage-video/#sthash.CeGYbCGm.dpuf