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Black Pastor on Donald Trump – “He lacks the decorum” to be President – Video

Donald Trump was supposed to get 100 endorsements from black pastors today, but in the closed-door meeting between the Republican candidate and the pastors, he only walked away a few.

“Overall the mood was very positive” one pastor recalled about the closed-door meeting. Although the pastor admitted that Trump would probably not get his endorsement.

Interviewed on MSNBC, the two pastors, Bishop Orrin Pullings Sr. and Bishop Victor Couzens, spoke about some of the topics brought up in the meeting, topics including the recent incident at a Trump rally where a BlackLivesMatter protester was “ruffed up.” Asked about┬áTrump’s response to their inquiry about that incident, the pastor replied that Trump said he didn’t know the protester was from BlackLivesMatter.

Asked if Donald Trump is the same loud mouth and outspoken man behind closed doors as he portrays on the campaign trail, the pastors responded that Trump was very different in the closed-door meeting.

“I saw somebody different behind the scenes,” one pastor said. “I was very disappointed with the fact that he did not represent and articulate himself.” The pastors said that although Trump was there in the meeting, other members of his campaign answered numerous questions and made statements on his behalf.

Asked if Trump got any endorsements in the meetings from the black pastors, the answer was yes, although he did not get the amount of endorsements he was looking for.

“I wasn’t one of the ones that endorsed him and I don’t know that I will even become ones that endorse him. I think there is a certain decorum that the president of the United States has to be able to exemplify. I appreciate his business acumen, but he short still on decorum in my book.”