Obama Spoke to Thousands in Berlin – “We Can’t Hide Behind a Wall” – Video

It’s a tale of two very different men. While Donald Trump ran around the Middle East backtracking on all his campaign promises to appease the audience, Former President, Barack Obama spoke to tens of thousands in Berlin.

Accompanied by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the former president spoke about the Affordable Care Act and the continued Republican onslaught on the law.

“Obviously, some of the progress that we made is imperiled, because there is still a significant debate taking place in the United States,” he said,according to NPR. Though Obama noted that it did not insure all Americans, it did help an overwhelming amount of citizens. “For those 20 million people, their lives have been better,” he said. “And we’ve set a standard for what’s possible that people can build on.”

The former President also hit Trump and his “build a wall” slogan, saying, “we can’t isolate ourselves. We can’t hide behind a wall.”