WATCH – Woman Removes Her Make On Camera, And Reveals…

Women wear makeup for different reasons, like enhancing certain features or hiding certain flaws. In the video below, watch as Cheri Lindsay removes her makeup to reveal her feature or flaw. I think it’s wonderful!

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What Does Your Hair Say About Your Health

It is important to know that some conditions affect your hair as much as your body, the following guide will help you separate myths from facts when it comes to your health.


  • Dry, limp, thin-feeling hair


Hair dyes, hair blowers, and swimming in chlorinated water may lead to dry hair, but be alert because it may also, be an indicator of an underactive thyroid, known as hypothyroidism especially if you notice fatigue, weight gain, slow heart rate, and feeling cold all the time.

  • Scaly or crusty patches on the scalp

This usually indicates psoriasis, which can be distinguished from other dandruff-like skin conditions by the presence of a thickening, scab-like surface


  • Thinning hair over the whole head

There are many things that can cause this effect, such as a sudden psychological or physical stressor, like a divorce or job loss, or it can also mean a high fever from the flu or an infection and diabetes. There are many medications that can cause hair loss as side effect too, such as birth pills, lithium and Depakote. Autoimmune diseases can also promote sudden hair loss. Hormone changes and thyroid disease, especially hypothyroidism, are some of the most common causes of hair loss.

  •  Overall hair loss that appears permanent

It’s usually caused by a change in the pattern of the sex hormones, but diseases and other underlying conditions can cause this type of hair loss by affecting the hormones

dry hair

  • Dry, brittle hair that breaks off easily

Breakage is most frequently the result of hair becoming over-brittle from chemical processing or dyeing, but there are certain health conditions that also lead to brittle, fragile hair, such as: Cushing’s syndrome, a disorder of the adrenal glands that causes excess production of the hormone cortisol, and hypoparathyroidism, a condition that usually either hereditary or the result of injury to the parathyroid glands during head and neck surgery.
Yellowish flakes on the hair and scaly, itchy patches on the scalp

It could mean a chronic inflammatory condition of the scalp that causes skin to develop scaly patches, often in the areas where the scalp is oiliest. When the flaky skin loosens, it leaves the telltale “dandruff” flakes.


Protecting Our Biggest Organ

bigstock-Human-eye-on-blue-background--13207304Spring is coming through to the East Coast and it’s time to get out and enjoy the beautiful (albeit, still a bit chilly) weather.

While you enjoy the weather- jogging, walking, biking, picnicking or chasing your kids and grandkids in the park- don’t forget to protect your skin.

Skin care simply means caring for your skin, our biggest organ, the one that protects us from an onslaught of potential hazards and diseases. Skin care has two goals:
1. Protect
2. Prevent
We can help prevent skin cancer and accelerated aging of our skin by protecting the skin from what is considered by doctors and skin experts as the skin’s number one enemy: the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Not to be contradictory, but a little bit of UV exposure is good. Natural sun light helps our bodies to make vitamin D, a substance necessary for bone strength and to fight certain diseases such as jaundice, rickets and psoriasis. Exposure to early morning light helps wakes us up and may even help ward off depression.

It’s the darn UVA and UVB rays that cause havoc on our skin.

The World Health Organization states, “Prolonged human exposure to UV solar radiation may result in acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eyes, and immune system.” The World Health Organization reports 2.5 million types of skin cancer diagnosed each year. Many are preventable.

Two types of damage harmful UV rays can incur: damage caused by sunburn (the scientific term is erythema) and the damage cause by photoaging. Photoaging is a fancy way of saying early wrinkles and sagging skin due to too much sun.

It’s Easy to Keep Skin Beautiful and Protected
We’ve all heard the statistics. But do you know how easy it is to take avoid preventable skin cancer and early wrinkles and sagging?

It takes about two minutes to protect skin in the morning and at night. You need two minutes twice a day and some very basic skin care products: a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.  There are other helpful products but these three are the essentials.  Look for products that are free of alcohol, paraben and added fragrances.  These products are more gentle and nourishing.

Protecting the skin- specifically your face and neck where most of the exposure hits- entails is washing the face, using a toner and basic protective moisturizer and an eye cream. Make sure the day cream has a SPF in it (or use a SPF on top of the moisturizer). Day creams act to protect the skin while night creams work to restore the stress of the day and heal the damage of the day.

We have enough on our plate to worry about. Skin cancer and premature aging don’t need to be among our list of concerns.

Beauty = healthy. Healthy is clean and protected. Wash, Tone, Moisturize. Two minutes. Easy and breezy and done.

Melissa AuClair works by day as a skin care and cosmetic consultant and a blogger and writer moving towards a location independent lifestyle by night. You can follow her on Twitter @melissaauclair or on her blog

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Oil Therapy

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed quite the fixation with different types of oils for cooking, aromatherapy, beauty aides, and alternative medicine.

So, I just wanted to take the time out to highlight some of my favorite oils and how I’ve found them helpful in my daily needs.

Coconut Oil: Organic, Unrefined, Cold-Pressed, Extra Virgin

  • The BEST natural body moisturizer I’ve come across. Slather nutiva this anywhere on your body and you’ll be amazed by how soft and supple your skin will be by the next day. Tip: If you have really dry feet, Try This: Rub coconut oil all over your feet, slip on some socks, and get some rest. You’ll thank me in the morning. 🙂
  • Dry hair? No problem. Apply this oil throughout the hair to give it some added moisture.
  • Some people swear that taking 1-2 tablespoons a day of coconut oil helps with weight loss. I can’t attest to those claims, but it is yummy when used to cook up some scrambled eggs. Delish!
  • Believe it or not, I sometimes use this on my face as a moisturizer and it does a great job of getting rid of dry patches and making the face more supple. However, I only recommend doing this for people with dry skin.

Castor Oil: The Palma Christi (Palm of Christ) castoroil

  • I have grown to love this oil. It’s great as an overnight spot treatment on pimples/acne. This oil is too thick to place  all over the face, so I don’t recommend it.
  • Great for dry hands and feet.
  • If you’re having trouble in the bathroom area(constipation), this is your go-to oil. It’ll clear that right up!
  • Castor Oil packs have been used for various issues such as inflammation, congestion, constipation, and liver, kidney, and pelvic disorders.
  • I don’t have this one confirmed yet, but it supposedly helps with the appearance of cellulite. I’m going to try this one out and let you know my results.

Olive Oil: Any type Olive Oil

  • This is my go-to oil for most of my cooking needs, unless I’m frying.
  • This is a good oil for body moisturizing, but I prefer coconut oil for my beauty needs over olive oil.
  • Many claim that it’s great in your hair. I tried this once and well, never again! Ok, maybe further experiments are needed, but I was not impressed.

Lavender Oil: 100% Pure Essential Oil lavender

  • Great for healing my acne bumps and scars.
  • The anti-bacterial properties also help with any cuts and scrapes, including cat scratches (cat owners can relate!)
  • A few drops on my pillow case help me to finally doze off to sleep when my insomnia starts kicking in.
  • Always great to use in an oil diffuser as a room deodorizer.
  • Mix this with Eucalyptus oil in warm/hot water for a relaxing bath.

Peppermint Oil: 100% Pure Essential Oil peppermint

  • If you’re sick, this oil will surely give your sinuses some temporary relief and make it easier to breathe again. However, putting this oil in a bath will give you an extreme cooling effect in all areas including your nether regions, so be forewarned.
  • Another good choice to scent the room in an oil diffuser. However, the minty smell makes my cat go off-the-wall bonkers!

Clove Oil: 100% Pure Essential Oil clove

  • Believe it or not, this oil is stronger than lavender oil with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This oil can zap away a zit overnight. Warning: It can sting a little, so you may want to mix it with a carrier oil like  olive oil before applying to the skin.
  • I haven’t tried this, but apparently it’s great to use with your toothpaste/mouthwash for dental care.eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Oil: 100% Pure Essential Oil

  • This goes well with lavender oil as a calming and soothing bath oil.
  • This is another good choice for a room deodorizer.

Citrus-Scented Oils (Orange, Lemon, and Lime): 100% Pure Essential Oil citrus oils

  • I only use these oils to get rid of any unpleasant smells that may pop up within my apartment. I have citrus oils to be great as a room deodorizer.
  • Certain citrus oil brands you can use for baking needs (pies, cakes, etc.) to boost flavor.

I do own and use a lot more oils, but these are my main staples. I’m always looking to experiment and add to my collection, so if you have any other good suggestions/recommendations please forward it my way!


Bring Back Healthy Hair

I always get asked “Your hair is so healthy, shiny, and silky. What products do you use??”

Well, when I was very young, I had one of those Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial type accidents with my hair (no lie) which was quite the traumatic experience, but it forced me to take extra care of my hair in order to get it back to a healthy, normal state.

I was blessed with having an aunt who was an expert in her craft of hair care and believed in using only quality products that actually work and benefit the hair.

I keep a minimal hair care routine by using quality products that do not cause damage and leaves my hair protected with a shine and silkiness that brings on the flood of compliments.

So listen up, Ladies (and Gentlemen) and see how hair care can really be that simple.

1) Shampoo: Original Mane ‘N Tail Shampoo  shampoo

I started using this product 2 years ago and fell in love. Yes, this shampoo was originally made to give horses that beautiful gleam for their mane while protecting the hair strands. Well, as many horse owners quickly figured out, it is quite excellent for human hair as well. This product is now specifically made for use on both human and horse hair.  Note: Don’t be turned off if your hair feels a little dry right after shampooing. The conditioner will fix that right away.

My Results: My hair grew significantly stronger and LONGER. My hair began achieving lengths I had never seen before. After my accident, I could never seem to grow my hair out longer than an inch past my shoulders. Now, I am able to grow it up to at least 5 inches below my shoulders.


2) Conditioner: Original Mane ‘N Tail Conditioner conditioner

This conditioner is protein-based which may be the reason for my hair becoming stronger and much longer after use of this shampoo and conditioner. This conditioner will leave your hair moisturized without weighing it down. My hair has a fine texture and I can’t use products that are too heavy as I won’t be able to have that volume and bounce to my hair.

My Results: Along with the the strength and length of my hair, I noticed less split ends and fuller/thicker hair once I switched to this shampoo/conditioner combo.


3) Essential Leave-in Product #1: Aphoghee Pro-Vitamin Leave-in Conditioner Aphogee

I’ve been using this product for almost 20 years and it’s never stirred me wrong. This is an extremely lightweight leave-in conditioner where the texture is about the same as water. It has a Pro-Phytamine  complex which smooths hair and increases manageability. It is a must if you are going to put any heat on the hair. I use this product regardless of heat. After the process of shampooing and conditioning, I wring out the excess water from the hair wash, and spray this leave-in conditioner throughout the hair. Do not overdue it. Then I apply my last (and most favorite) product.


4) Leave-in Product #2: bain de terre Recovery Complex Anti-Frizz Silky Shine Serum. BaindeTerre

Seriously, if you don’t buy anything else, buy this! It is a must have for some dam good silky shiny hair.  I have been using this product for over 20 years and it is one of the originators of the clear serums. I have tried main serums, this one is by far the best. I have used this product on all types of hair and ethnicities(both male and female) and it always does the job of improving the shine and feel of the hair. This product is one of your best chances at achieving soft, silky hair. I honestly have no idea what they put in this stuff, but your hair will love you for it! After spraying in the Aphogee, you put about 2-3 dime sized amounts of this serum into the hair(depending on your hair length) from the roots down to the ends. Again, do not overdue it.

My Results: Consistent shine and silkiness. It is my ultimate hair secret. I’ve used it on so many of my friends and they all love it.


Extras: Bio-Silk Silk Therapy Serum BioSilk

This is a good back-up if you don’t have Bain de Terre. It is also great to apply this to the hair before doing any flat-ironing. I always use this whenever I need to flat-iron my hair. Always.


So, there you have it.

My recommended products to help you achieve that healthy, shiny, stronger, longer, and happier hair which means an even happier YOU!