Chris Christie Get’s in Fan’s Face – Didn’t Even Spill His Nachos – Video

Everyone is concerned. They want to know what New Jersey governor Chris Christie said to the fan at a Milwaukee Brewers game in Wisconsin. But I’m not. I don’t care about that. I want to know about the skills Christie demonstrated in his left hand.

A bowl filled with nachos and cheese and the like, or a loaded hot dog as some are reporting, managed to stay perfectly perched, resting in comfort as the New Jersey governor bend awkwardly over to scold the fan. I wanna know about the kind of balance required to pull of such a feat!

But for those who insist on knowing about the one-sided conversation, reports say Christie asked the man whether he wanted to “act like a big shot” and then told him to “be careful.”


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Sleeping Fan Sues NY Yankees and ESPN for Defamation


The moral of this story – be careful if who you make fun of at a Yankees game. You just might get sued for $10 million.

A man caught on camera snoozing at a Yankees game last month is suing ESPN, the New York Yankees, and announcers Dan Shulman and John Kruk, court documents said.

Andrew Rector is asking for $10 million for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress because of comments made to millions of viewers during the live telecast of the April 13 Yankees vs. Red Sox game. 

According to the lawsuit filed in New York, the Rector claimed he was show in a false light, that his reputation was damaged and it was no one’s business if he was napping.

The lawsuit claimed the announcers insinuated Rector is “stupid”, “not worthy to be a fan”, “a fatty cow that needs two seats at all times”, and “socially bankrupt.”


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Tony Gwynn Passes Away at 54

Tony Gwynn passed away today at the age of 54, thus ending a battle with cancer dating back to 2010.

Gwynn was very private about his medical struggles but he had attributed them to years of chewing tobacco use.

Gwynn was a player of legendary proportion. A 15 time all-star, 5 time gold glove winner, 7 time silver slugger and an insane 8 time NL batting champ. Tony played the game like few could.

He was also an amazing ambassador to the game and his work off the field truly showed what a great person he was. Tony received the Roberto Clemente Award in 1999 for best exemplifying the game of baseball, sportsmanship, community involvement and the individual’s contribution to his team.

Gwynn’s number 19 was retired with the padres and in 2007 he was elected the National Baseball Hall of Fame on his very first ballot with a whopping 97.6 percent of the vote.

Baseball will sorely miss Tony Gwynn. 20140616-113955-41995740.jpg

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Head Of MLBPA Dead At 51


Today we found out some very sad news about the head of the MLB Players Association. Michael Weiner lost a 15 month battle with brain cancer. He has died at the early age of 51. Weiner was an active leader for MLB players and his positive impact on the game of a Baseball can not be overstated. Even through his 15 month battle, Weiner continued to work. He did not use his condition as a reason to quit but instead was an active leader until the very end.

Many players and Baseball writers took to twitter to express their sadness about the passing of Michael Weiner.
Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote:

“@Joelsherman1: Forget about his union work and intellect, Mike Weiner was as nice a person as I have met. Utter sadness, respect to his family #RIP”

MLB pitcher, David Aardsma wrote:

“@TheDA53: My heart goes out to the Weiner family. Michael was one of the most brilliant people I have ever know. We have lost a great great person!”

Mark Fiensand of the Daily News wrote:

“@FeinsandNYDN: Very sad to hear of Michael Weiner’s passing. Did great things for the MLBPA and the entire game, but more important was a quality person.”
“@FeinsandNYDN: Michael Weiner once told me there were few things he loved more than being with baseball players. His love for the game showed in his work.”

Former MLB player, Aaron Boone wrote:

“@AaronBoone_ESPN: Baseball and the world lost a good man today. R.I.P. Michael Weiner”

These were just a few tweets of the many pouring onto twitter. All of them follow the same theme. Michael Weiner was not just a great union head, he was a great friend and person. He will be sorely missed.


A Yankee Carol


It was the night of March 31st 2013. Many of us Yankee fans were getting ready for Opening Day the next day. It was late, already dark for several hours. When out of the cold windy night I heard an unfamiliar sound. Between the gusts of wind on this particularly chilly March night, I heard the sound of chains rattling. The sound continued for some time, seemingly getting closer with each rattle. I began to feel my nerves jumping with each thrash of metal that now sounded like it was outside my bedroom door. I locked the door hoping whomever was out there would be stopped, but I was mistaken. The door swung open with brut force and the chains were thrown at my feet.

Connected to these many links was a familiar man. Though it couldn’t be him, it was, staring me directly in my eyes. I said, “what are you doing here?” Nervous yet excited to hear his answer, hear him speak. He told me of a crime committed against the game of baseball. He said it was a injustice to the game. I asked him who was to blame expecting any answer other than the one I received. “Yankee fans.” He replied in a stern voice. I told him he must be mistaken. That we Yankee fans are among the best in baseball. He emplored me to listen to his reasoning but I interrupted.

“You see sir, this city is the greatest city in the world and so is this team. Winning is our legacy and October is our birthright. We live and die by the World Series.” I believe I spoke passionately, enough to sway him and make him see that we Yankee faithful could not be guilty of a crime. To my surprise, I only angered him. “You do not see the error of your ways!” He said, but continued “there is still time for you to learn what I never did, during the coming months you will be visited my three ghosts. The Ghost of Seasons Past, Present and Yet To Come.” And with that, he was gone. I woke up the next morning believing I had some strange dream the night before. The season started that day.

Before long I was visited by the first ghost. The Ghost of Seasons Past:

He emplored me to pay close attention to Mariano Rivera. Mo had already announced that this would be his last year but after spending almost a full season on the DL with a torn ACL, you wondered how affective he would be this year. The ghost showed me that it was wrong to wonder. Mariano would not blow his first save until late May and would be just as dominant as ever. In his final act, he would take us back to 1996 and show us just how truly special his career is. Watching him has been like watching a man frozen in time and the ghost expressed to me how much I need to cherish the past and be grateful that some things haven’t changed. But then the ghost left and late May is where it all went south for this team.

Everyone was hurt and the guys that weren’t hurt, couldn’t hit to save their lives. No righty power was present. The team would constantly lose low scoring games. The Ghost of Seasons Past was right but this team wasn’t the same anymore. No way they can win a World Series. And as if things couldn’t look any bleaker during the Yankees hitting woes, the Ghost of Seasons Present showed up.

The Ghost of Seasons Present:

The ghost showed me players that the Yankees had failed to re-sign this past offseason. He showed me Nick Swisher that by the All Star break, was having his usual offensive year that could have strongly benefited this Yankee team, but he was doing it in Cleveland.

The ghost then showed me Russell Martin who’s offense had not only improved but who also had become a clutch hitter for the Pirates. A leader for the Pirates as well, being not only a presence at the plate but also behind it. Martin was helping them become one of the best teams in baseball. Meanwhile our catcher was hurt and linked to a steroid scandal and we were stuck with a lack luster tandem of Chris Stewart and Austin Romine.

The ghost finally showed me a player that wrote himself into Yankee playoff history. A player that tied an October game in the bottom of the ninth with one swing and later won it with another. He showed me Raul Ibanez. Ibanez at 41 was having a prime season. One of the league leaders in home runs through the All Star break, missing out on him hurt badly. Especially with the injuries to Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixiera and Alex Rodriguez, the team’s home run threats.

Realizing this could just be a lost season. A season decimated by injuries, the anger faded but the disappointment was still strong as the Ghost of Seasons Present left and the final ghost arrived.

The Ghost of Seasons Yet To Come:

This was the ghost I feared the most. This was the ghost that showed me what the Yankees would be like without its beloved captain. Derek Jeter broke his ankle last October only to re-break it in march. He then came back after the All Star break only to injur his quad in the first game. He came back about 2 weeks later only to injur his calf. He’s provided a small spark each time he’s come back but the ghost was showing me just how little time could be left in the story book career that I and many like me have been blessed to whiteness since day one. The ghost made me realize how much I need to stop obsessing about certain things and just enjoy watching the team I love play the game I love. The players won’t always be the same but the game always will. I have to cherish it no matter what. Find the joy in it even when they’re down because that is the whole point of baseball. It’s a game meant to entertain.

The final ghost left me and I awoke the morning of August 31st. I hadn’t missed it. The season wasn’t over! And miraculously, the bruised and battered Yankees are only 4.5 games out of the Wild Card. Jeter is back again and with the return of guys like Rodriguez and Granderson and the addition of Mark Reynolds, things are looking up. Austin Romine has really come around and shown this team he belongs here and with a gift from the Ghost of Seasons Past, Alfonso Soriano, the Yankees are a threat from both sides of the plate, capable of making any pitcher pay.

They may not make it to October, but they are fighting. They are grinding it out. We Yankee fans are a proud bunch but if October doesn’t end with a parade it’s “bah humbug!” We need to realize that October is not a right, it’s a privilege. And maybe a visit from these 3 ghosts will make us smile a little easier, cheer a little louder and beam a little brighter when our team grinds it out hard enough to have the honor of October baseball. This year, or seasons yet to come.

I think that’s what The Boss’ ghost was trying to teach me, trying to teach us all.




20130722-181952.jpgThe Miami Biogenesis Clinic scandal has seemingly reached its peak. Major League Baseball and former NL MVP, Ryan Braun, have come to an agreement. Braun has admitted to using PEDs and has apologized for letting everyone down. The plea deal will be in effect immediately and he will serve a suspensions without pay for the remainder of the season, about 67 games. The agreement between the league and Bruan does a lot to boost the credibility of Anthony Bosch. Bosch was the head of the Miami clinic.

All of this information is bad news for Alex Rodriguez who is believed to be up next to face the music. CBS Sports writer, Jon Heyman, was the first to break the Bruan suspension and he believes that we will see the same situation if not worse for Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez is now faced with a decision. He can either let the league take their action and accept or fight it or he can use his injury to state that he is physically unfit to continue playing at the professional level and retire to ensure he collects every dime of his contract. It seems regardless of what he decides, we will know soon.

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Allow Them To Reintroduce Themselves

Allow them to reintroduce themselves as ROC Nation. Robinson Cano has stunned the baseball world by firing Scott Boras in the middle of extension talks with the Yankees. Boras is the biggest agent in baseball so for Cano to fire him during negotiations is bizarre. As if this wasn’t a strange enough development, soon after ESPNs Buster Olney reported the split, word circulated that Cano had found new representation. Cano signed a deal with hip hop mogul Jay Z.

At first I thought reports had to be wrong but apparently Jay Z has started a new endeavor. He has partnered with CAA talent agency to start his own sports management agency by the name of ROC Nation. Jay Z’s first client is Robinson Cano. When reached for a statement, Boras told members of the New York media that he hadn’t heard from Cano about a split but a tweet from Cano told a different story.

Rumors have been swirling and sources have been speaking. The word is that former Boras clients, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixiera had been in Cano’s ear about firing Boras. They allegedly told him that parting ways with Boras could only help his image with the fan base. Rodriguez and Teixiera both have fired Boras in the past, but only after major contract negotiations. Cano is the first major name to ever bounce the super agent before a big pay day.

Another rumor swirling is why Boras was not alerted of this blockbuster deal. The rumor is that the Yankees offered Boras a 6 year deal worth $27.5 million a year and Boras told the Yanks “no way” without consulting with Cano. If that is true, it makes sense why Boras would be the last to know about his termination.

As for Cano’s decision to sign with Jay Z, a lot of thought has gone into that. Sources say the Cano wants to be a name brand both on and off the field. Sweeny Murti from WFan said he was told Cano wants to be like Jeter and sees that only being possible in New York. Cano sees Jay Z as the best way of accomplishing all this. All in all, this move seems to be the first win of the season for the Yankees. The likelihood of Cano staying in pinstripes is much greater now that Boras is out and Hova is in.