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Audio Proof That Ted Cruz’s Campaign Cheated in Iowa Caucus – Audio

Donald Trump has shouted this from the mountain top that Ted Cruz cheated in the Iowa caucus last Monday. Well now there’s audio to suggest that Donald Trump is right!

According to recent reports by Breitbart, members of Cruz’s campaign called various prescient workers in Iowa moments before the caucus votes happened, asking them to tell Ben Carson voters that Carson was dropping out of the race and that these caucus-goers should not “waste” their vote on Carson, but should vote for Cruz instead.

“It has just been announced that Ben Carson is taking a leave of absence from the campaign trail,” one voicemail stated. “So it is very important that you tell any Ben Carson voters that for tonight, uh, that they not waste a vote on Ben Carson, and vote for Ted Cruz. He is taking a leave of absence from his campaign.”

The two voicemails were left at 7:07 p.m. and 7:29 p.m. local time, after CNN reported that Carson would be traveling to his home in Florida after the caucuses, but not ending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

The second voicemail states that Carson will be “suspending campaigning following [Monday’s] caucuses,” adding that any caucusgoers backing Carson should be urged to switch their support to Cruz.



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Neighbor Captures Audio of Police Shooting Suspects in San Bernardino – Video

The husband and wife who gunned down 14 people and injured another 21 Wednesday in San Bernardino California, took their last breath in a black SUV, as they engaged police officers on the street. One neighbor captured the audio of the shooting on his camera.


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The Palin Brawl Audio Finally Released – Too Much Insanity

TMZ got their hands on the audio of the recent brawl the Palins were involved in a little over a month ago. And like any respectable news agency, they posted it for all to hear!

Here are your Palins, freshly involved in a brawl!


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New Mike Brown Audio – At Least 10 to 11 Shots Fired at The Teenager – Audio


CNN has released a new audio recording done by a man in Ferguson depicting the moment Mike Brown was gunned down on August 9th.

On the recording, the man – who requested anonymity – is heard on a video chat telling someone “you are pretty…” as the gunshots rang out in the background. In the video, there were at least 10 to 11 shots fired. The man’s lawyer later said that he had no idea what was happening right outside his home as he chat on the video.

The FBI has questioned a man who says he recorded audio of gunfire at the time Brown was shot by Ferguson police on August 9, the man’s attorney told CNN.

In the recording, a quick series of shots can be heard, followed by a pause and then another quick succession of shots.

Forensic audio expert Paul Ginsberg analyzed the recording and said he detected at least 10 gunshots — a cluster of six, followed by four.

“I was very concerned about that pause … because it’s not just the number of gunshots, it’s how they’re fired,” the man’s attorney, Lopa Blumenthal, told CNN’s Don Lemon. “And that has a huge relevance on how this case might finally end up.”

The man, who asked that his identity not be revealed, lives near the site of the shooting and was close enough to have heard the gunshots, his attorney said.

He was speaking to a friend on a video chat service and happened to be recording the conversation at the same time Brown was shot, Blumenthal said.


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‘Anonymous’ Releases Audio from St Louis Dispatch The Day Mike Brown Was Killed


Mother Jones reported on this, saying  that this audio was posted by @theanonmessage, a twitter account affiliated with Anonymous’ Operation Ferguson, a member of which I interviewed last night.

According to @theanonmessage, this recording contains audio excerpts from St. Louis County police dispatch over several hours on August 9, 2014, the day Michael Brown was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer. The dispatcher starts talking about the Brown shooting around the 10-minute mark, while intermittently handling other calls. See below the recording for an updating list of interesting moments, with time stamps included.

9:35: “Ferguson is asking for assistance with crowd control . . .”

10:58: “Now they have a large group gathering there, she doesn’t know any further. . .”

11:20: “We just got another call stating it was an officer-involved shooting . . .”

11:30: “Be advised, this information came from the news . . .”

11:55: “We’re just getting information from the news and we just called Ferguson back again and they don’t know anything about it . . .”

20:00: “. . .destruction of property . . .”

21:55: “They are requesting more cars. Do you want me to send more of your cars?”

43:55: “Attention all cars, be advised that in reference to the call 2947 Canfield Drive, we are switching over to the riot channel at this time . . .”

Update, 4:40 p.m. ET: I tried to verify the dispatch recordings with St. Louis County Police but their media contact, Brian Shelman, did not answer the phone and his voicemail was full.

Update 2, 5:05 p.m. ET: Mashable is confirming that the St. Louis County Police Department is “aware of this and currently investigating.”

Update 3, 6:05 p.m. ET: A twitter follower of mine points out that the dispatch recording probably comes from Broadcastify, a database of public safety radio audio streams that’s available to anyone who pays for a subscription. It’s “far from a hack,” he says.