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Showdown At The Fox Corral Between Sean Hannity And Keith Ellison

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Congressman Keith Ellison went on Sean Hannity‘s Fox News program also known as the Republican channel last night and had what amounted to a showdown at the O.K Fox News Corral… the political version that is.

The Democratic congressman was introduced and already, from the introduction Mr. Ellison had something to say. He referenced a video clip Hannity showed, where Hannity depicted President Obama talking about the Sequester. But Hannity did not allow the president to talk uninterrupted.  Apparently there were other comments and music being played in the background while Mr. Obama spoke.

Congressman Keith Ellison couldn’t wait for Hannity to complete introducing him to the misguided uninformed viewers of Fox. He lashed out at Hannity and controlled the fight for the next six minutes. Ellison called Hannity  “the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen,” and accused the Fox host of engaging in “yellow journalism.

He also referred to Hannity as “deceptive,” said that Hannity had violated “every journalistic ethic I’ve ever heard of,” and called him “immoral.” And that was just the start. There was a time when the confrontation reminded me of what Piers Morgan experienced when he tried to interview the gun loving Alex Jones.

Watch the confrontation below.