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America Has A Secret…. and it’s not Democracy

Yes, America has a secret… America’s secret is that we are exhausted. We are exhausted from the mind numbing and energy consuming denial of who and what we are, and until we come to grips with the truth of who and what we are our exhaustion will continue to lead us down the path of a punch drunk fighter and more of our current delirious actions.

As we as a Nation attempt to move towards being a true Democracy, a very vocal minority has invested much energy and resources in trying to convince “We the People” that we have already arrived at Democracy, so much so that we should go around the world and make others Nations into our brand of a Democracy. They would like us to believe that we are a shining example of what Abraham Lincoln said in his ‘Gettysburg Address’, referred to as “A Government for the People, by the People”.

That’s simply not true. Not yet.


If ‘one man, one vote’ is an ingredient of the principle of Democracy I challenge the reader to attempt the exhausting task of defending the position of our “arrival” at Democracy. When were we ever a true and complete Democracy?

The Native Americans, all but totally wiped out by genocide did not see it. Was it when the 13 Colonies won their freedom with the assistance of slaves who fought and died on behalf of others yet after the Revolution was won continued on as subjects of the most brutal slavery system on record for another hundred years?

Was it when Women weren’t seen as fit to vote? How about during Jim Crow laws when certain segments of Society would be lynched for even thinking about participating as a full and complete Citizen? Or maybe now? Now that that Corporate monopoly over the perception altering media and “Elected” Political so called Leaders clearly do the bidding not of “We the People” but of the Puppet Masters that fund their worthless campaigns to nowhere?

Trying to uphold a lie can be pretty exhausting, it goes against the grain of what is natural and there is nothing as powerful as nature. She is undefeated. No lie can last forever.

If “We the People” can be convinced that we have somehow arrived at an acceptable expression of Democracy then we stop striving towards the true meaning of this great principle. Any Country that is a Prison Industrial Complex has NOT yet arrived at Democracy. Any Nation that is a Military Industrial Complex has yet to reach true Democracy. Be be not deceived America, we have a long way to go so conserve your energy for a long struggle to true Democracy.

The Son of Man says, keeping up a lie is an exhausting waste of your natural human essence and power. We can’t cure a disease that we have yet to acknowledge. This disease is killing us. For those that have an ear let him/her hear.