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Watch – President Obama Explains his Trip to Alaska – Video


Such a beautiful place, you wonder why no other president even considered making the trip. President Obama took the time to travel and even went behind the camera to talk about his recent trip to Alaska, and why it’s necessary to recognize the effects of Climate Change.



Barack Obama – The First President To Do an “Eskimo Kiss”… Twice


While he is lied about and unappreciated here in the lower States, President Obama is getting the royal treatment in Alaska.

President Obama’s meet-and-greet with local educators in Kotzebue Middle High School started normally enough. But then Sandy Shroyer-Beaver, the regional school board president, explained to the president, “It’s our culture to welcome you with an Eskimo kiss, a practice in which two people rub noses.”

Obama assented, but Shroyer-Beaver — who is 5’4” told him, “You’ve got to come down here.” Obama obligingly bent his knees, she said in an interview, and the two rubbed noses.

“Wow, it was cool. Let’s do another,” Obama said, according to Shroyer-Beaver, and the two did a repeat.

Then Obama turned to Cheryl Eden Shaw, director of the Alaska Technical Center in Kotzebue, and gave her an Eskimo kiss as well.

“You should have seen the look on his staff,” Shroyer-Beaver said as she stood on Shore Avenue a couple of hours after the exchange, waiting for the presidential motorcade to leave town. “That alone was worth it.”


GOP Wins Another Senate Seat in Alaska Midterm Elections


Republicans picked up their 8th Senate victory earlier Wednesday morning, as it was announced that Dan Sullivan, a Republican from Alaska, defeated Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Begich in the midterm elections.

Sullivan served as the Attorney General of Alaska under former Gov. Sarah Palin (R). Begich previously served as the mayor of Anchorage before being elected to the Senate in 2008.

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Reporter Quits On Live Broadcast – “F*ck it, I quit” – Video


Was it the cannabis? Was she high? We don’t know for sure, but whatever made this reporter quit her job on live television with an expletive, is definitely one for the ages.

Charlo Greene, a reporter for Anchorage-based television station KTVA, revealed that she was at the center of the story she had just covered, telling viewers that she is the owner of an area cannabis club.

“Now everything you heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska.”

And then came the profane, sure-to-be-viral on-air resignation.

“And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice but: Fuck it, I quit,” she said, giving a final shrug and walking off the set.

The woman who served as anchor of that night’s telecast was left reeling.

“Alright, we apologize for that. We’ll be — we’ll be right back. Pardon for us,” the clearly flustered anchor said.


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White House Petition to Give Alaska Back to Russia Gains Support


Thanks Sarah Palin! Because if you, Americans, even some in Alaska, have had enough;! I blame you!

A White House petition is gathering thousands of signatures urging the return of Alaska to Russia. The U.S. bought Alaska from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million.

The “Alaska Back to Russia” petition was created by an unnamed Anchorage resident (S.V.) last week and it has already gotten more than 18,000 signatures. The petition needs 100,000 signers by April 20 to warrant a response from the Obama administration.

The petition reads:

“Groups Siberian russians crossed the Isthmus (now the Bering Strait) 16-10 thousand years ago. Russian began to settle on the Arctic coast, Aleuts inhabited the Aleutian Archipelago. First visited Alaska August 21, 1732, members of the team boat St. Gabriel »under the surveyor Gvozdev and assistant navigator I. Fedorov during the expedition Shestakov and DI Pavlutski 1729-1735 years…Vote for secession of Alaska from the United States and joining Russia.”

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Alaska Republican Refers To Immigrants As “Wetbacks”


Rep. Don Young of Alaska said Thursday that he “meant no disrespect” when he used the term “wetbacks” to refer to the migrant laborers who used to work on his father’s California ranch.

The Republican congressman dropped the racial slur during an interview with the Alaska radio station KRBD when talking about the changing market for U.S. labor jobs.

“My father had a ranch; we used to have 50 to 60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes,” he said. “It takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. It’s all done by machine.”

The term “wetback” was originally used to refer to Mexicans who entered the U.S. by swimming or wading across the Rio Grande.

After an uproar about his use of the derogatory term, Young issued a statement that walked back the remark without exactly apologizing.

“During a sit down interview with Ketchikan Public Radio this week, I used a term that was commonly used during my days growing up on a farm in Central California,” he said, according to Alaska’s KTUU-TV. “I know that this term is not used in the same way nowadays and I meant no disrespect.

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Opposite Attracts: This Republican Endorses This Democrat For Senate

In a world where partisan politics rule, this is a breath of fresh air. Republican Representative for Alaska Dan Young stepped over the partisan line and endorsed Democratic Representative for Hawaii Mazie Hirono, “a surprising move since the seat could be in play for Republicans this fall,” The Hill reports.

“Young praises Hirono for working across the aisle in the lighthearted web ad, in which he repeatedly jokes about criticizing House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) before hugging Hirono at the end.”

The Ad.