Al Franken Resigns While Republicans Worship Trump and Roy Moore – Video

Minnesota Senator Al Franken, after losing the support of his fellow Democrats, stood on the floor of the Senate Thursday and announced his resignation after multiple women came forward and accused him of sexual misconduct.

And in what could be his final message on the Senate floor, Franken did not miss the opportunity to point out the “irony” of having the leave the Senate because of sexual accusations, while Donald Trump sits in the Oval Office with multiple sexual accusations against him, and Alabama senate hopeful, Roy Moore is about the be voted into the Senate with multiple sexual accusations against him.


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Al Franken Weeps On Senate Floor While Discussing ‘Violence Against Women Act’

After months of Republican opposition to the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, it finally passed the Senate yesterday on a 68-31 vote. All 31 votes against the re-authorization of the bill came from Senate Republicans. For the other Republicans who joined with the Democrats to pass the bill, maybe it was this emotional plea from Sen Al Franken that did it.

The bill now goes to the Republican controlled House of Representatives where it will face a much harder time.