Donald Trump #Racism

The Race to the Bottom on Race

At this point, Dr. Martin Luther King’s spinning in his grave could be used as wind power to light up the western hemisphere.

President Trump’s comments at a meeting with Congressional leaders about immigration on Friday smashed through the moral floor that this administration has set ten stories below the White House and established yet another embarrassing standard in ugliness for an administration that struggles to betray any semblance of normality.

Those defending the president like to point out that he’s just saying things that people say around their dinner table, or that he’s giving a truthful version of events or that he’s not a racist because he contributed to African-American causes or has socialized with African-Americans.

This is hogwash. People are complicated and can present different faces to different crowds. I know anti-Semitic people, some of whom are relatives, who hug me when we meet and can share a meal with me without saying anything offensive. But when it comes to their true views, they are not shy about believing that what they say about the most vile stereotypes is absolutely true. They’re still ant-Semites, and it informs their worldview.

In addition, I attended Franklin High School, which was, and still is, one of the most integrated schools in New Jersey. I saw genuine tolerance, friendship and love in the hallways, classrooms and homes.  But I also saw racist stereotyping and denigration at events where one group, either whites or African-Americans, dominated. I saw racial violence that was caused by the same social problems we have today. I experienced Antisemitism.

Many people who harbor racist ideas and attitudes can hide them, but when they get angry or frustrated, as the president does every hour, then the emotional turmoil that lies beneath the skin bubbles up and you find out what a person truly believes. Plus, if people are speaking this way around their dinner tables–denigrating other countries and labeling their people–then we need to do a better job educating our citizens about respecting other cultures and people.

So it is with President Trump. He says racist things. Over and over. That leads me to believe that he is a racist in that he sees whiteness as a virtue, as superior, and the standard by which all other races should be measured. He has equated the tactics and motivations of white supremacists and those groups these white supremacists would like to obliterate. He has questioned the fairness of a Federal Judge based on the fact that the judge was a Mexican-American. He questioned whether the sitting president of the United States was, in fact, a citizen.

These are disgraceful, racist views and none of them is defensible if taken separately. Taken in the aggregate, they are an indictment of the president’s character and his ability to lead this country on this issue.

But as with most eruptions associated with this president, there is even more ignorance below the surface. His characterization of Haiti and African countries betrays the uninformed, but largely prevalent idea, that immigrants bring their former country’s culture and attitudes with them when they come to the United States. He’s saying that they must like the poverty and political dysfunction or economic stagnation or effects of past imperialism that infects their countries. That they cannot possibly become good Americans. That they take American jobs, marry American women, suckle at the American taxpayer’s teat.

This is a conversation we’ve had before. It was discriminatory then and it’s discriminatory now.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the offending countries were Italy, Russia, Greece and other European nations who were sending us Anarchists, Socialists, Jews and revolutionaries who were supposedly unsuited for life in a democracy. Before that, in the 1840s, Ireland sent us their starving people, who were referred to, incongruously, yet reflecting true native ignorance, as White Niggers. Miraculously, those tired, poor un-Americans were able to contribute mightily to the nation and enable it to become a beacon of hope and freedom.

The president’s ignorance betrays an unfortunately all-American, and increasingly all-Western world attitude that reinforces stereotypes and leads to more hatred. He long ago gave up any promise that he would be a leader who would unify the country and present a positive, forward message that we could rally behind. Instead, we are going backwards.

This Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, please make sure that you remind the world that we are a great people being led by a small man.

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Christmas #Ebola

Announcement – There Will Be No Christmas Celebration in Ebola-Striken Sierra Leone


That was the announcement from the head of the government’s Ebola response unit. There will be “no Christmas and New Year celebrations this year,” Palo Conteh said in the capital of Freetown, according to AFP.

“We will ensure that everybody remains at home to reflect on Ebola,” he said. “Military personnel will be on the streets at Christmas and the New Year to stop any street celebrations.”

The majority of Sierra Leone’s population is Muslim, but Christians make up 10% of its people, according to the CIA World Factbook.

More than 6,500 have died and another 18,100 have been infected with Ebola in West Africa — mainly in the nations of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea — since the outbreak began nearly a year ago.


Shocking Video – The Elephant vs The Volkswagon

Elephant Attack

Amazingly, no one was seriously hurt. But in the video below, we see what happens when you drive your car too close to an elephant minding its own business. The elephant usually wins!

British teacher Sarah Brooks and her fiance Jans de Klerk were celebrating their engagement with a trip to South Africa when they came across a full-grown African elephant.

The footage, taken in the famed Kruger National Park, shows the car behind the animal, tentatively nearing to pass at the side of the road.

However the elephant spots the blue Volkswagon and quickly becomes infuriated.

The car attempts to reverse and drive off but its too late to escape.

Politics #racist

Justine Sacco Said What about Africa, Aids and Being White?

Some people are just racists, and there is nothing we can do to change that. I’ve now come to that realization. Yes, I know that racism exists, but come on, we’re knocking on the door of 2014… and we’re still dealing with this ignorance? And what’s even worse, there is no end in sight.

Twitter and other social media sites were all buzzing a little more than usual on Friday, and I needed to find out why. A few seconds later, I came upon this tweet by Justine Sacco:


Who is Justine Sacco? Well first of all she is a racist, apparently unaware that things posted on a social media website is not the same as writing in her personal diary. Secondly, she is a public relations officer and senior director of corporate communications at InterActiveCorp (more commonly known as IAC), a Media company that owns, Vimeo and, among others.

The tweet above was made as Justine boarded a flight to Africa and by the time she landed, her Twitter account was deleted but her tweet had already gone viral, as people all over the world voiced their disgust at the so-call humor of Miss Sacco. But her boss did not find the tweet funny. IAC, trying to separate the company from their racist employee, quickly issued this statement:

“This is an outrageous, offensive comment that does not reflect the views and values of IAC. Unfortunately, the employee in question is unreachable on an international flight, but this is a very serious matter and we are taking appropriate action.”

IAC, who also owns other popular sites like, OkCupid and Urbanspoon, took further steps and removed Justine’s name from their Contact page.

Some are saying that Justine’s twitter account could have been hacked, that someone took her cell phone for example and tweeted out that message. But some digging from Buzzfeed found more offensive tweets, spanning over two years.

Buzzfeed dug these tweets up before Justine’s account mysteriously disappeared. Tweets like;




We can tell this one is not going to fade away anytime soon, as the world awaits IAC’s decision on Justine Sacco. Waiting for Palin and Republicans to somehow use this as a political strategy to “protect free speech!”

Benghazi #Egypt #Videos

Raw Video – Protester Shot Dead in Libya

With all the ongoing civil unrest, scenes like this are being played out all across the world. People are tired of being denied the basic human rights many take for granted.

Following the uprising in Egypt, Libya is just one of several nations rising up against their dictator-style government. In this video, we see just how far some will go to gain their freedom, and how far some will go to keep their citizens in fear.

Disclaimer: There is no way to independently verify that the contents of this video is from the protests in Libya because media are not allowed to broadcast the uprising, but the title of the youtube video is Libya – 17 Feb 2011, Demonstrator Shot And Killed, 17/02/2011

Egypt #Egypt #Egyptians #Protest

Egypt Protester Shot By Secret Police – Video

This Youtube video by Moustafa Mahmoud shows a birds-eye view of what started out as a peaceful protest in Alexandria Egypt, until about 1:30 seconds into the video, when an individual walks up an alley, hands raised and jacket opened. A few moments later, he is shot by Egypt’s secret police.

The Youtube video is called, “Death in Alexandria.”

Video below.