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Is Kokopelli Gym Trying to Capitalize From The George Zimmerman Trial?


So George Zimmerman was called “Physically soft” by his trainer. Adam Pollock, owner of Kokopelli Gym, even went on to call Zimmerman “non athletic.” Pollock’s testimony earlier this week was part of the defence’s efforts to say that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor and Zimmerman had no choice but to use his gun and take Trayvon’s life.

Of course, if Zimmerman had listened to authorities when they told him not to follow Trayvon, there would be no need for Pollock’s testimony calling Zimmerman “non athletic”, there would be no need for a Zimmerman trial and Trayvon Martin would still be alive today.

And there would be no need for Pollock to apparently try and profit from his testimony and Trayvon’s death. In a shocking ad, the owner of the gym where Zimmerman trained put up a “Zimmerman” page on his website, promising to send information on Zimmerman’s training to anyone who enter their name and email address in his website’s database.

Data collection in itself is one way websites make money. Data brokers are companies that buy this data from other sources, including websites, and use this data to target potential consumers. Pollock’s database has the potential to grow tremendously, because of the high publicity case his testimony is now a part of.

Below is a screenshot of Pollock’s request for your data.

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 8.47.57 PM