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Donald Trump’s Ad Tears into Hypocritical Ted Cruz on Immigration – Ad

We know they’re all hypocrites, masters at saying one thing now because they’re looking for votes. But what Donald Trump did to Ted Cruz in this new ad was actually brilliant. He matched the things Cruz is saying now to what he said in the past, and guess what? Ted Cruz, as it turns out, is just your regular everyday Republican establishment politician, saying the things he deem necessary to win over a particular audience.

In other words, Ted Cruz is the epitome of a politician… although he wants you to believe he is an “outsider!”

The video below shows just two different sides of Ted Cruz on the immigration/amnesty issue – his stance when he was for immigration because it was the right thing to do, and his stance now being against immigration, since the people he is pandering to for votes are also against immigration.


Donald Trump #Politics

Donald Trump’s Ad Plays on Fear to Win GOP Nomination – Video

Everything, from ISIS coming to kill you in your sleep to illegal immigrants coming to kill you in your sleep, Donald Trump masterfully tugs at the Republican voters favorite heartstring – fear.

The only thing left out of Trump’s fear-fest was Ebola. But don’t worry, give him time. This is just his first ad.


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The Must See Ben Carson Ad You Probably Missed – Video

HUGE shout out to Rachel Maddow for highlighting these political ads on Wednesday’s show. Ms Maddow called this ad by Republican presidential candidate, Ben Carson, of the “best television political ad” she’s seen this year. And after checking it out for myself, I must agree. Ben Carson and his team outdid themselves with “These Hands.”

But with a mega-mouth called Donald Trump running for president, political ads are just a waste of time and money. Don’t believe me? Ask Jeb! who has spent almost $40 million on ads so far, only to see a return of 3% support for his campaign.

Political ads are mute in 2015.

With that said, check out “These Hands” by Ben Carson.



Former Australian Prime Minister Endorses Hillary Clinton for President – Video

“Hillary Clinton understood in her heart how important it was for girls to get an opportunity,” said former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard. “She also understood in her head that if we want to build peaceful, economically prosperous nations, then we have to educate girls.”

Gillard made the endorsement in a star filled video supporting the former Secretary of State.

She continued;

“She was determined to see that women take their places as economic partners in the community and take their places as political leaders in their community.”



Watch The Ad That Proves Jeb Bush is a Liar – Video


Just in case you are one of the smart ones who skipped last week’s Republican debate, I’m sure by now you might of heard about a statement Jeb Bush made about his brother George.

In confronting Donald Trump, who at the time had George Bush in his crosshairs, Jeb opened his mouth and actually made this statement; “You know what? In reference to my brother, there’s one thing I know for sure, he kept us safe.”

And like many of the other unfortunately few who watched the debate, my mouth dropped open in awe after hearing that statement. And I was happy to see this ad that fact-checked jobs attempt to rewrite history, and showed him how dishonest his statement was.


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Watch The “Republican Cuts Kill” Ad – Must See TV

ebola victim - Republican Cuts Kill

This is what I’ve tried to say for a long time but I couldn’t get the right words to make this point. Simply put, Republican Cuts Kill! That’s all there is to say, really!

This is not a joke folks!

From The Agenda Project: “Republican Cuts Kill,’ which was produced by the Agenda Project Action Fund, mixes disturbing footage of the Ebola outbreak—including images of body bags, hazmat suits, and corpses—with clips of Mitch McConnell, Pat Roberts, Rand Paul, and Republicans in some of the most competitive races around the country demanding more spending cuts. The demand for cuts is juxtaposed against testimony from top CDC and NIH officials detailing how budget cuts substantially hampered their ability to address the crisis.”


Kissing Republican Congressman Continues to ‘Use’ His Wife – Ad

Kissing Congressman McAllister

The kissing Republican congressman. Remember him? He was the one caught on video tape kissing one of his subordinates, all the time being happily married I supposed, with a wife and kids at home.

After the video went public, the congressman, Rep. Vance McAllister, initially said he was not going to run for reelection. But he had a change of heart and his wife is clearly his biggest supporter.

“I’m lucky to have been blessed with a great family and a wonderful Christian wife,” McAllister says in his ad. And his wife was also happy and “blessed” with a husband like McAllister.

“I’m blessed to have a husband who owns up to his mistakes and never gives up,” she said, “always fighting for the good people of Louisiana.”

Now who knows? Maybe the kissing Congressman is a changed man and has promised his wife that she is “blessed” to have him as a husband. It is reasonably easier to change when the woman he was caught kissing had her marriage fall to pieces and undoubtedly moved on. And maybe his wife realized his mistake and decided to give him another chance.

Or, maybe this is just politics, and the best way for this congressman to win his seat is to show the world that he and his wife are of one accord, that they’re on the same page, that they can sit close enough to make an ad. Yea, I think that’s it. Using his wife to win a political seat.