Listen to Trump Brag on 911 That His Building Was Now the Tallest – AUDIO

Who cares that almost three thousand people had just died in the biggest terrorist attack in America’s history? Not Donald Trump. His only concern after the buildings at the World Trade Center fell, was to make that point that his building was now the tallest in Manhattan.

Asked in a radio interview if his building suffered any damages during September 11th, Trump went on a rant explaining that his building is now the tallest in downtown Manhattan.

“Forty Wall Street actually was the second tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was, actually before the World Trade was the tallest, and then when they built the World Trade Center became known as the second tallest and now it’s the tallest…”

It’s all about the donald!


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Hillary Clinton Seen Falling at September 11th Event – Video


The Democratic presidential candidate was caught on video today, apparently suffering a “medical condition” according to early reports.

Mrs Clinton had to leave a September 11th Memorial event early because she was feeling “overheated.” She was helped outside to the street by her handlers where she waited for her car to arrive. As she stepped off the curb to her car, Mrs Clinton is seen falling as her handlers held her up and placed her in the car. She lost a shoe in the process.

“Secretary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony for just an hour and thirty minutes this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the fallen,” Clinton campaign spokesperson Nick Merrill said in a statement Sunday morning. “During the ceremony, she felt overheated so departed to go to her daughter’s apartment, and is feeling much better.”


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Donald Trump on Clearing the Rubble on September 11th – “I helped a little bit” – Video


Are you shocked that billionaire, Donald Trump, went down to ground zero after the Twin Towers in New York came down on September 11th? Well, we all are. Campaigning in New York, Donald Trump decided to remind everyone that he “helped a little bit” in the rubble clean up at ground zero after the terrorist attacks on September 11th.

“Everyone who helped clear the rubble, and I was there, and I watched, and I helped a little bit, but I want to tell you, those people were amazing, clearing the rubble, trying to find additional lives, you didn’t know what was going to come down on all of us, and they handled it,” Trump said.

The GOP frontrunner made the remarks at the same Buffalo, New York rally when he inadvertently referred to 9/11 as “7-11.”

Washington Post‘s Philip Bump noted that contemporaneous reporting indicated Trump certainly visiting Ground Zero after the attacks. New York Newsday wrote that the businessman appeared on the site two days afterward with “every hair in place and impeccably dressed in a black suit, pressed white shirt and red tie, walking into the plaza with his cellular phone to his ear.” This was the same day he gave this interview with a German TV station, where he was supportive of the search-and-rescue effort and optimistic about re-building, but made no reference to having personally helped out.


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Donald Trump – 3 Reasons Why Bush Should Be Blamed for Sept 11th

A couple of days ago, I outlined my theory of why Donald Trump is attacking George Bush. My theory then was simple – this attack on the Republicans supreme leader is actually an exit strategy for Donald Trump. Trump believes that by attacking Bush, the Republican base would stop supporting his bid for the Republican nomination, his poll numbers will fall as a result and like he said earlier this month,”If I fell behind badly, I would certainly get out.” This attack on Bush Trump’s way to get out!

I’m starting to second guess that theory. I’m now thinking that Donald Trump is just bipolar!

Trump is keeping up his attacks on the man who presided over the worst terrorist attack in America, despite Jeb’s feeble claim that George “kept us safe.” In yet another interview, Donald Trump stated three reasons why Bush should be blamed.

No. 1: Bush’s immigration policy. “We had very weak immigration laws,” Trump said, adding that perhaps if Bush had a Trump-style immigration policy, replete with “the strong laws that I’m wanting, these terrorists wouldn’t have been in the country.”

No. 2: People knew that the FBI, the National Security Council, and the CIA weren’t sharing information about potential threats. “They were not talking to each other,” Trump said. “If I’m president, I want to have my three most important agencies talking to each other and coordinating with each other.”

And No. 3: George Tenet, Bush’s director of central intelligence, “knew in advance that there would be an attack, and he said that.”

“I don’t blame anybody,” Trump continued, after listing those points. “But it’s possible,” he continued, that had the administration had stronger policy on those points, “perhaps something could have been done that was obviously better than the worst attack ever perpetrated on the United States.”

Trump, the real estate mogul, and former Florida governor Jeb Bush have hurled vitriol at each other since Friday, after Trump pointed out during a Bloomberg News interview that “the World Trade Center came down during [former president Bush’s] reign.”

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Man Hijacks Seattle Linebacker’s Interview – Gives 911 Truther Message Instead

So you have a message that you want the world to hear, huh? And you don’t have $5 million to pay for a 30 second spot at the Super Bowl? Well there is apparently another way to get your message out to the masses. Just hijack the microphone when the linebacker for the winning team is about to give his press conference.

Now I am not suggesting this as the primary way for messengers to tell their tales, in fact, I strongly discourage this method. But Brooklyn resident Matthew Mills wasn’t listening and he got arrested for his troubles.

Mills played the role of a member of the press. He had a press pass and was allowed in the room with the Super Bowl players. When Seattle Linebacker Malcolm Smith sat down for his interview, Mills ran to the podium, grabbed the microphone away from Smith and said, “Investigate 9/11 — 9/11 was perpetrated by people in our own government.”

Mills was arrested and charged with trespassing. He has since been released. His message… heard.


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Safety in the Name of Surveillance

Hey, America, WE’RE AT WAR!!! This is No Ordinary War, but it’s still War just the same! Stop it with your Penny-Anny whining about “Privacy and Civil Liberties” being taken away. It was taken away after 9/11, less we forget. Immediately after we were attacked with the planes diving into buildings, the Bush Administration began wiretapping phone calls and emails because of potential threats from known and unknown al-Qaeda groups.

President Bush authorized a surveillance program in late 2001, allowing the NSA (National Security Agency) to monitor communications between the United States and foreign countries without court oversight when a party is believed to be linked to al-Qaeda. During the 2008 article that revealed President Bush’s tactics, Administration officials had acknowledged that the NSA program was broader, and intelligence sources had described a vast effort to collect and analyze telephone and e-mail communications that were later scrutinized by the government for desired information. Does this Ring A Bell? Fast Forward to Thursday, June 6th.
On Thursday, President Obama was slammed for doing the EXACT SAME THING George Bush did as President, yet Obama is being pummeled by some Right Wingers, some Democrats that seemed to have forgotten what Bush initiated after 9/11, by media outlets like the New York Times and Fox News (No Surprise There) and every day Americans who also have forgotten WE’RE AT WAR!!!

Collection of audio, video, email, photographic and Internet search usage of foreign nationals overseas who use any of the nine major Internet providers, including Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo and others has also taken place.
Thursday was June 6th, the Commemoration of D-Day. On June 6th, 1944, the Great Theater of Battle was the Normandy invasion which was to liberate Europe from the stronghold of Adolf Hitler and the German war machine.

During WWII, we knew what the enemy looked like. Another battle was taking place thousands of miles away in Japan. We saw them coming in Big Ships across the oceans, hundereds of thousands of planes in the air and Tanks across the desert. Today, our enemy lives in caves but has the technological skills of a seasoned IBM’er.

They disguise themselves by blending in like you and me. By going to work everyday, or enrolling in schools, colleges, the Armed Services, they are unnoticed because they adopt our way of life. Then, without warning, the Fort Hood Shooting takes place. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire on his fellow servicemen, killing 13 and injuring 30. Then Sen. Joe Lieberman opined that Hasan was under personal stress and may have turned to Islamic Extremism.
boston bombing suspect0

And how about the Boston Marathon Bombers? The brothers, Dzokhar Tsarnaev, 19 and his brother who was killed in a gun battle with police in Boston, 26- year old Tamerlan, killed 3 and injured over 260 with pressure cooker bombs. The purpose of the attack after investigation and interrogation of young Dzokhar, Extreme Islamist beliefs and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Don’t sleep America! There are many other ‘cell groups’ right here on our soil. And it takes a great deal of surveillance that WE Have No Idea About that HAS to be monitored.

To be sure, Obama didn’t launch the data-mining initiatives, which were started during the Bush administration, though he has expanded them. He had defenders Thursday ranging from California Sen. Feinstein, a liberal Democrat, to South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a conservative Republican. “It’s called protecting America,” Feinstein said.

Obama called it “a false choice between the liberties we cherish and the security we demand.” Yes, we demand our Freedoms but do we sacrifice Freedom over our Safety?

Senior administration officials defended the programs as critical tools and said the intelligence they yield is among the most valuable data the U.S. collects. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said the Internet program, known as PRISM, can’t be used to intentionally target any Americans or anyone in the U.S, and that data accidentally collected about Americans is kept to a minimum.
Phone User

At hearing of this story that NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN REPORTED, I asked several Verizon users their thoughts on the whole matter, one being my In-Law. She stated, “ I’ve got Nothing to hide so I’m not concerned”. A golf buddy stated he had concerns of how the government gathers our information but didn’t feel threatened since he was a law-abiding citizen. I always wonder why when it comes to things of this nature, people get all flushed and bothered. If you have Nothing to hide, why does it bother you so much?

In the name of Safety, I want All the Protection my Government can Provide for my family, friends and this Great Country. In the name of Freedom, We have to Allow some Inconveniences along the way.

The enemy has brand new ways of infiltration. We can’t always see them, but thank God we have people working to Cease and Desist ALL perpetrators who would do us harm.

And by the way, the reason I said this story should Never have been reported, it opens the eyes of the Enemy. Now, they have to regroup and change the way they were doing ‘business’. Because our government knew of their actions, their mode of communication, their habits, they too have heard this story. We’re back to square one. In that reporters zealous for getting a story out there, You may have just jeopardized the security of not just Americans, but the World as a Whole…I’m just saying…

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Yes, Ron Paul Is Right

It’s not often I’ll agree with Ron Paul. The Republican/Libertarian has, by the very nature of his ideology, suggested that the only role government should have is an invisible one. He also criticizes the Civil Rights Act of 1964, fought for an end to all regulations on businesses, and as recently as the last Republican debate, suggested that airlines are best equipped to stop terrorism. All things I strongly disagree with.

But on his website, Ron Paul wrote about his feelings on the 10th year anniversary of September 11th, and something he said had me nodding in agreement. He said;

 We should never forget those in our government who used the worst terrorist attack in our nation’s history as an excuse to launch completely unrelated wars, to do unprecedented damage to Americans’ historic liberties, to run roughshod over the Constitution, and to betray the Founders’ vision by savaging some of our most deeply held values.

A clear swipe to the Bush Administration who, instead of using the opportunity of September 11th to get the terrorists responsible for killing almost 3,000 people, preached fear to the American people and began a war with Iraq, a country that had no link to the destruction caused by Osama Bin Laden.

The war in Iraq ended up costing the lives of thousands of American troops, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives, and over $1 trillion. But war is a business, and someone made millions from the decision to use September 11th as the reason to invade Iraq.

Dick Cheney – the Vice President in Bush’s Administration, and one of the most influential voices for the war in Iraq – was CEO of a company call Haliburton. Dick Cheney insisted that he severed all ties with Haliburton in 2000, but after the war started in Iraq, Haliburton was awarded no-bid contracts worth millions for “rebuilding Iraq.”

In 2004, Cheney appeared on Meet The Press and was asked about his relationship with his former company, to which more denials were given. But Time Magazine uncovered internal Pentagon emails proving that Cheney was not being the least bit honest. According to the report, the emails showed that these no-bid contracts were going through Cheney’s office. From the report;

The e-mail says Feith approved arrangements for the contract “contingent on informing WH [White House] tomorrow. We anticipate no issues since action has been coordinated w VP’s [Vice President’s] office.”  Three days later, the Army Corps of Engineers gave Halliburton the contract, without seeking other bids.

So yes, in this particular case, I wholeheartedly agree with Ron Paul. The war in Iraq was not one of necessity, but one of choice. There were billions of dollars to be made, and no-bid contracts by unscrupulous government officials was the way to do it.

And the lives lost in the process? Cheney recently said that if he had to do it all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing. In other words, in war you lose some then you lose some more. But the profits gained… priceless!