Donald Trump Attacks Corporate Profit – I Don’t Want Boeing Making “that much money”

Let’s just say for argument sake that a Democratic president-elect had said this very same thing about any American corporation, or any corporation for that matter. Do you think congressional Republicans would allow that president-elect to be sworn in as president?

But Trump set a new low and Republicans are happy to descend to that level even if it means attacking one of their sacred gods – Corporate Profits.

Tuesday morning came another tweet from Donald Trump apparently announcing the cancellation of an updated Air Force One. Trump tweeted that “Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!”

A reporter asked if he was saying that he cancelled the Boeing order, Trump responded;

“Well, the plane is totally out of control. It’s going to be over $4 billion. It’s for Air Force One program, and I think it’s ridiculous. I think Boeing is doing a little bit of a number. We want Boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money.”


Any elected Democrat making this statement would be run out of the country.

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Murder Caught on Video But Shooter Walks Free

We all watched the video as the police officer took out his gun, took aim at the man running away from him and fired, hitting the man multiple times in the back and killing him. We all watched the killing because it was recorded on a cell phone video and made public for all to see.

But apparently, the cold-blooded murder of the man… on video… was still not enough to convince a jury that the shooter did in fact, shoot and kill a man who posed no threat to him.

The judge in the murder trial of former North Charleston, S.C., police Officer Michael Slager declared a mistrial on Monday after the jury said it could not come to a unanimous decision.

“We as the jury regret to inform the court that, despite the best efforts of all members, we are unable to come to an unanimous decision in the case of the State vs. Michael Slager,” a letter from the foreman of the jury read.

Judge Clifton Newman said the case would be retried at a future date, the timing of which could depend on a federal civil rights case that is also pending against Slager, as we have reported.

Slager is accused of murder for shooting Walter Scott multiple times as he ran away from the officer in 2015, after a routine traffic stop. The jurors had three options if they hoped to avoid a mistrial: a guilty verdict for either murder or voluntary manslaughter, or an acquittal.


LeBron James and The Cavaliers Refuse to Stay at Trump Hotel

The Hill reports that a group of Cleveland Cavaliers players are refusing to stay at a Trump hotel in New York City, according to ESPN.

The Cavaliers have a contract with Trump SoHo hotel in lower Manhattan, but a group of players have been excused from staying there.

LeBron James is among the players who will not stay at the hotel, ESPN reports.

James endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton about a month before she lost the election to Donald Trump.


Trump Adviser on China – “… if China Doesn’t Like it, Screw ‘Em” – Audio

He’s not even president yet and already, Donald Trump and his people are already casting a negative view of America to the world. When Trump broke a 40 year presidential custom and took a call from Taiwan’s leader, an angry China expressed its concern to Trump and his people. Trump’s people’s response to China? “Screw ’em.”

Stephen Moore, an economic adviser to Donald Trump, defended the President-elect’s recent call with the president of Taiwan, saying in a local radio interview that he didn’t care if it upset China.

“Taiwan is our ally,” Moore said in a radio interview Monday on the Big John and Ray Show on WLS AM890. “That is a country that we have backed because they believe in freedom. We oughta back our ally, and if China doesn’t like it, screw ’em.”

Beijing views Taiwan as a renegade province and it has been the official position of the United States since 1979 that the government in Beijing is the sole government of China. Trump’s phone call Friday with President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan led to criticism from the American foreign policy establishment. Beijing lodged a complaint with the State Department.



Paul Ryan – Voter Fraud “Doesn’t matter to me” Because Trump Won

If Trump had lost the election like all the polls said he would, Paul Ryan and the Republicans would still be marching in the streets calling for recounts due to voter-fraud. But thanks to Russia’s influence in our election, Trump won, and according to Paul Ryan, no one should care about voter fraud and their needs to be no call for recount.

Scott Pelley on CBS’ 60 Minutes interviewed House Speaker Paul Ryan and asked about Trump’s claim that because of millions of illegal votes for Hillary Clinton, he did not win the popular vote. Pelley wanted to know Paul’s thoughts about Trump’s unsubstantiated claim.

Rand Paul couldn’t care less.

“It doesn’t matter to me. He won the election,” Ryan said. He went on to state that if Trump lives up to his promises and fix the issues he said he would, people will no longer care about what he might have tweeted in the past.

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Alec Baldwin to Trump – “Release you tax returns and I’ll stop”

I think we’ll be watching Alec Baldwin play Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live for a long, long, long time. Baldwin just laid out the condition under which he would stop playing the role and it’s a condition we know Trump will not agree to.

Too much to hide!

Donald Trump told the world that he tried watching Saturday Night Live AGAIN, but couldn’t, “Unwatchable!” Trump said, “Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can’t get any worse. Sad”

Baldwin happily replied; – “Release you tax returns and I’ll stop”


SNL Takes On Donald Trump’s Addictive Twitter Activities – Video

Saturday Night Live took on Donald Trump’s Twitter account activities on Saturday and Alec Baldwin did a very skilful job as Russia’s President-elect, Donald Trump. The play was based on Trump’s apparent addictive use of Twitter, and before the show was over, Trump jumped on Twitter to tweet his disapproval.

“Just tried watching Saturday Night Live” Trump said, “- unwatchable! Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can’t get any worse. Sad”