What’s up with the name EzKool? What does it mean?

EzKool – pronounced [easy cool] – sounds… easy… sounds kool. So the name was registered and voila! My question would be, what’s up with the name Yahoo? Now that, that needs some explaining!

That said, we are a political organization. But because we have the uncanny ability to walk and chew gum at the same time, we also dabble in other waters.

  • Entertainment
  • Celebrity drama
  • Food and Recipes
  • Health and Fitness
  • Sports

to name  a few.

You will see a huge selection of articles about politics. It is absolutely imperative that people know at least the basics of what’s happening in the political arena.

Yes, I know the saying, “my vote doesn’t count.” People are disheartened by the crooks and liars who have infiltrated the political process. But if no one cares or exercise their right to vote, then we are truly done.

The goal of this site is to bring the information in the simplest format so that average folks can make an educated decision if, or when they choose to exercise their right to vote.

Who are we?

The EzKool website and app are the creation of Ezra Grant. Along the way however, at least 20 other contributors have provided valuable material and insight to this endeavor. Their contributions will forever be a part of this process.

Listed below are the current driver/s of EzKool

  • Robert Grundfest came on board in the very beginning and continues to share his valuable knowledge

– this section will update as others come onboard… or jump ship… 🙂


Thank you, and we hope you enjoy what we’re trying to do.


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