“A City Upon A Hill?” Not With Trump Leading the Way – Video

If you’re anything like me, you try your best to avoid the ignorance coming out of the White House. But that is easier said than done, for on a daily, no hourly basis, Donald Trump and his Republicans are shoving the ignorance down our throat. It is their way of maintaining control of the government, for if the electorate is ignorant, then it is easily led… like sheep to the slaughter!

But his people love the ignorance! They foolishly dismiss Trump’s lies as truths, and they happily swallow his bucket of filth, content with the ongoing diminution of their sensibility. Trump takes no responsibility for anything he says or does, and everything is now dismissed as a “joke.” That is how Trump’s spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Saunders characterized Trump’s use of the word Treason when he described Democrats who refused to applaud the dear leader in his State of the Union Address. 

“It was obviously a joke,” Trump’s spokesperson said.

So if Trump was joking when he said Democrats committed treason and they do not love America because they refused to clap during his speech, why did the Trump reelection campaign create an ad based on Trump’s characterization of Democrats? How is this funny? How is it a “joke?”

Thanks to Donald Trump, this country is becoming morally bankrupt. We are now at a point where the President of the United States uses the word “treason” to refer to other elected members of government, and his lunacy is brushed off as a “joke.”

Will we ever get back to being a “city upon a hill,” having “the eyes of all people are upon us?” If Donald Trump and the Republicans have anything to do with it, my sad answer is, no.

From the brainchild of Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

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