Foreign Leaders Told to “Praise” and “Compliment” Trump

Donald Trump is embarking on his first foreign trip as president, and in an effort to keep his fragile state of mind in tack, leaders in these upcoming countries are being told to “praise” and “compliment” Trump on his election win.

The Hill is reporting that embassies and leaders who have met with Trump have been speaking among themselves and with other dignitaries about how to handle the new president, and a number of themes have emerged, the report said. Among them:

– Compliment Trump on his election win, and compare him favorably to former President Obama.

– Don’t expect him to know your country’s history or hot-button issues.

– Make a short presentation tailored to his attention span, and don’t try to bring up a long list of issues.

“If you were prepping people for Donald Trump, the two or three points would be: one, bear in mind this is still a guy who focuses on wins,” Peter Westmacott, a former British ambassador to the U.S., told the Times.

“Secondly, he is a deal maker, a pragmatist. Third, this is a guy with a limited attention span. He absolutely won’t listen to visitors droning on for a half-hour — or longer if they need an interpreter.”

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