Keith Ellison and Tom Perez Mocked Trump’s Election “Win” – Video

The newly elected leaders of the DNC – DNC Head Tom Perez and Deputy Chairman, Rep Keith Ellison – made their first trip to MSNBC’s Hardball and was asked by Chris Matthews to respond to Donald Trump calling their election “rigged.”

“First of all a little levity here,” Matthews said. “Congressman Ellison, was this election rigged? Donald Trump said it was. Your thoughts.”

Ellison rolls his eyes and we all knew what his response was going to be.

“You know,” Ellison replied. “With a guy getting help from the Russians, well for him to call anything rigged is ridiculous.”

Tom Perez laughed and so did the rest of America at the lunacy of Trump questioning the DNC’s election result. With the level of interference Russia had in rigging the election in favor of Trump, he has balls questioning any election result.


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