12 Year Old Girl Streams Her Suicide on Facebook

Shame and embarrassment after being sexually abused by a relative most likely caused her deadly decision.The shocking video was broadcast in December.

In the video, Katelyn Nicole Davis claims she was physically and sexually abused by a relative then lets the camera roll as she hangs herself in her back garden.

Katelyn, a student at Cedartown Middle School in Polk County, Georgia, US, broadcast it on social media on December 30 but it was later removed from her page.

It was later posted on other websites, including Facebook.

According to reports, the 20-minute video was filmed in her backyard and played out as a woman’s voice was heard calling her name in the distance.

Polk County police department has been inundated with requests from people as far away as Britain to get versions being shared online taken down.

Police chief Kenny Dodd told Fox5 that he was first contacted about the video by an officer from California who saw it on the night of her death.

He said Polk County cops had contacted several sites and urged them to take it down, but they had refused.

He added: “We want it down as much as anyone for the family and it may be harmful to other kids. We contacted some of the sites.

“They asked if they had to take it down and by law they don’t. But it’s just the common decent thing to do in my opinion.”


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