Trump Adviser on China – “… if China Doesn’t Like it, Screw ‘Em” – Audio

He’s not even president yet and already, Donald Trump and his people are already casting a negative view of America to the world. When Trump broke a 40 year presidential custom and took a call from Taiwan’s leader, an angry China expressed its concern to Trump and his people. Trump’s people’s response to China? “Screw ’em.”

Stephen Moore, an economic adviser to Donald Trump, defended the President-elect’s recent call with the president of Taiwan, saying in a local radio interview that he didn’t care if it upset China.

“Taiwan is our ally,” Moore said in a radio interview¬†Monday on the Big John and Ray Show on WLS AM890. “That is a country that we have backed because they believe in freedom. We oughta back our ally, and if China doesn’t like it, screw ’em.”

Beijing views Taiwan as a renegade province and it has been the official position of the United States since 1979 that the government in Beijing is the sole government of China. Trump’s phone call Friday with President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan led to criticism from the American foreign policy establishment. Beijing lodged a complaint with the State Department.


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