Poll – Republicans Love for Putin Grows Since Russian Hack Was Revealed

Since the CIA revealed that Russia and Vladimir Putin hacked into our election with the sole purpose of electing Donald Trump, Republicans have found a new love and respect for Russia’s leader.

Putin, who has been accused by the CIA of personally interfering in the US election to help Donald Trump win because he holds a ‘vendetta’ against Hillary Clinton, has seen his popularity rate increase by a staggering 56 percentage points, according to Economist/YouGov poll.

The Russian leader’s net favorability rating jumped from -66 in July 2014 to -10 in the latest survey.

Thirty-two per cent of people who identified as a Republican had a ‘somewhat favorable’ view of Putin, while five per cent said they had a ‘very favorable’ view.

Remarkably, that combined figure means almost three times as many Republicans have a favorable view of Putin as they do of President Barack Obama – who was seen that way by just 17 per cent of all GOP responders.

In contrast, just 12 per cent of Democrats said they had a somewhat of very favorable view of the Russian leader. Across all political divides, 21 per cent of Americans who responded to the survey said they view him favorable.

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