Aled Jones Deletes Video Telling His Listeners to “Investigate” Pizza-gate – Video

The man who pushed the conspiracy that the Sandy Hook shooting did not happen and that all 20 kindergarten students killed in the attack are still alive, recently pushed another story that caused an armed gunman to enter a pizzeria and began firing off the weapon.

Remember pizza-gate? The Fake news story that claimed Hillary Clinton to be the head of some child sex ring ran out of a pizzeria in D.C, and that she eats the kids? That story, as fake and far-fetched as it is, was deemed true by true by Alex Jones. And he called on his listeners to “investigate” the pizzeria to find the captured kids.

Now I want to be clear. Not everybody in the WikiLeaks is involved in this. Clearly. You have to go investigate it for yourself. But I will warn you, this story that’s been the biggest thing on the internet for several weeks, pizzagate as it’s called, is a rabbit hole that is horrifying to go down.

A gunman took Jones’ words to heart. On December 4, Edgar Maddison Welch went into the D.C pizzeria armed with an assault rifle and began shooting. No one was hurt but Welch later told The New York Times that he got the idea to “investigate” the pizzeria from Alex Jones and his Infowars website.

Jones immediately deleted whatever evidence he had showing him as Welch’s instigator. But the video still exists.


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