McConnell on Repealing Obamacare – “It’s pretty high on our agenda”

Republicans have tried and failed to return Healthcare to what it once was – an unsustainable strain on the U.S economy and a profit-making endeavor by insurance companies that refuse to insure people with pre-existing conditions and drop others when they get sick and need their insurance most. But President Obama stood in their way.

Now that Republicans control all three branches of Government, Mitch McConnell is excited about the prospects of putting huge profit margins back in the pocket of insurance companies at the expense of the American people.

Giddy with joy at a Trump win and the fact that Republicans maintained control of the House and Senate, McConnell said that repealing Obamacare is once again a top priority.

“It’s pretty high on our agenda as you know,” the Kentucky Republican said on Wednesday. “I would be shocked if we didn’t move forward and keep our commitment to the American people.”

Insurance companies rejoice.

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