Donald Trump – America’s Dictator Has Arrived

We’ve all been asking for clues, we’ve tried to see what a Trump presidency would be like. And all the while, Donald Trump has sent clear messages telling us exactly what he is about and by extension, what a Trump presidency would be like – A Dictatorship.

Did we really miss these very clear clues or maybe we chose to ignorantly cast a blind eye to what was so obvious.

When Trump repeatedly denounce President Obama’s leadership style and instead praised Putin and referenced Putin’s leadership style to that of a “great leader,” did we miss that message? When it was proven that Trump collects magazines and newspapers bearing favorable stories and images of himself and even buying a life-size image of himself. A man so full of himself that he brands his name on everything he owns, did we not see the signs of a self-loathing dictator?

When one of the pillars of his presidential campaign was the constant breaking down of the “free media” and freedom of speech. When he calls the media “the enemy” and tells his followers, “don’t listen to anything the media say,” when he started sending out his own Trump approved news-spin on Facebook and Twitter – something some people called Trump Network – did that not strike you as a dictator setting the groundwork to dismantle the free media and institute a government-run “news” outlet?

The people he is putting in high cabinet positions. The way he holds secret meetings with foreign leaders out of view from the American people or the national press, the way he say “I alone can fix it” as if America is waiting for the Great Donald Trump to ride in on his golden horse to give us all a million dollars, showed us all the writings on the wall.

Even now that he has won the presidency, Trump is still showing his dictatorship style. His more recent tweet attacked the cast of Hamilton because members of the Hamilton audience booed Trump’s Vice President. Trump tweeted, “This should not happen!”

Donald Trump’s presidency will be that of a Dictatorship, and anyone who refuse to see this is blind and already in the Trump corner.

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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