David Clarke Defend Racists – “I refer to myself as [boy]” – Video

When Donald Trump tagged Jeff Sessions, a man who previously lost a congressional confirmation battle for a federal judgeship due to his racist views, no one thought Sessions would get another chance to get a cabinet position in any future administration. But here he is, being considered by Donald Trump to be the next Attorney General.

Of course, Fox News will bring on people sympathetic to racist. In defending one of Session’s racist remarks, where he referred to a black man as “boy,” David Clark found nothing wrong with that because he too refers to himself as a boy too.

DAVID CLARKE: Look, nobody’s perfect. If he made some statements, he called somebody boy —

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): Don’t worry, Eric, we’ll get to you.

CLARKE: Megyn, I refer to myself as that.

ERIC GUSTER: Can I answer the question, Megyn?

CLARKE: When someone says, Sheriff, where you from? I tell them, I tell them I’m a Milwaukee boy. OK, if some people are offended by that, I get that, but that’s being hypersensitive.


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