Anti-Trump Electoral Voter Files Lawsuit to Vote Against Trump

Some of the 270 electors who will eventually vote for the next president in December are so serious against voting for Donald Trump, they’re taking their fight to court.

According to the lawsuit, some of the electors are demanding the freedom to vote for someone else, even if it means voting against their state’s election results.

A lawyer for Michael Baca, a Colorado elector, told Politico that his client is preparing a lawsuit challenging state laws that force electors to vote for their party’s nominee.

There are currently 29 states with laws on the books that bind electors to the election result in their respective states, but those laws have never been enforced.

Further, the penalty for violating the law is typically a small fine.

There are at least six “faithless” electors who say they plan to undermine the Electoral College by voting for someone other than their nominee.

If they move forward with their protest, it will be the largest electoral defection since 1808, when six Democratic-Republican electors refused to vote for James Madison.

Art Sisneros, a GOP elector from Texas, told Politico he will decide next week whether to join the protest and cast his vote for someone other than Donald Trump.

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