White Cop Arrest Black Man for Walking in the Street – Video

So the black guy in the video was walking in the street. According to the woman filming the video, the sidewalk was under construction, so that was possibly the reason for the man using the road… trying to get around the construction.

That is when he was grabbed by a plain clothes police officer who told the man that he was being arrested because he was walking in the street.

Larnie B. Thomas, 34, of Minneapolis, began screaming to the officer, telling him to “get your hands off me.” He also told the officer, “I didn’t do anything,” to which the officer replied, “you were walking in the street.” A visibly aggravated Thomas screamed, “So you’re gonna arrest me for that?”

Janet Rowles, the women who filmed the video, said she is not against the police, but added the cop could have handled the situation better instead of grabbing Thomas by the jacket.

“I’m not against the police,” she said in an interview Friday. “I was against what he was doing.”

The video has since gone viral since being posted on October 12th.

Thomas was arrested and cited for pedestrian failure to obey a traffic signal and disorderly conduct. He was later released.

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