Trump Suggests Paul Ryan is Part of a “Sinister Deal”

Donald Trump is like the visitor who comes to your house one night for dinner and end up staying for a year-and-a-half. You give endless clues and hints that he was no longer welcome, but every morning you wake up he’s still there, eating up all the chitlins, and writing his name on the box of orange juice inside the refrigerator.

And there is no gratitude, no “thank you” for putting up with me and my bull  all this time. As soon as you insist that it was time for him to leave, your visitor cusses you out and talks bad about you to anyone who listens.

In the beginning of this campaign season, Paul Ryan reluctantly accepted the fact that Donald Trump had invaded the GOP. It took a while, but Ryan eventually learned how to live with the crazy man who occupied the GOP’s guest room. Ryan was even willing to  be seen in public with Trump. 

But when Ryan learned of some of the things Mr. Crazy said in the past, more specifically things he said in 2005 about condoning sexual assault on women, Ryan decided enough was enough and it was definitely time to cut his affiliation with Trump. Paul Ryan, Republican Speaker of The House of Representatives, even went as far as issuing a statement saying that he will no longer campaign for or have anything to do with Trump’s presidential campaign.

And apparently that also meant that Ryan did not call to congratulate Trump after Sunday’s presidential debate. Needless to say that pissed Trump off bigley. He took off the gloves and went on the attack against the man who once handed him the keys to the Republican party.

Trump at a Florida rally on Wednesday questioned why Ryan, who effectively conceded Trump’s White House chances during a call with lawmakers this week, wouldn’t come out and congratulate him after Sunday’s presidential debate.

“Wouldn’t you think Paul Ryan would call and say, ‘good going’?” Trump asked in Ocala.
“You’d think they’d say, ‘Great going, Don. Let’s go, let’s beat this crook. Let’s beat her. We’ve got to stop her.’ No, he doesn’t do that. There’s a whole deal going on. We’re going to figure it out. I always figure things out. There’s a whole sinister deal.”


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