Trump in 1990 – “I don’t think [adultery] is a sin”

Watch the “Christian Conservatives” rush to Donald Trump’s defence on this. Despite the fact that adultery is considered a sin in the Bible, these “Christian” voters would somehow make an excuse in Trump’s case.

During the early months of 1990, Donald Trump was a frequent presence in the tabloids of New York City, often gracing the cover of The New York Postwith new details of his ongoing separation from his first wife Ivana.

As he deftly tried to juggle the split while courting Marla Maples—who went on to become his second wife—Trump gave a revealing interview to reporters Esther Pessin and Bill Hoffmann for the February 23, 1990 issue of the Post. In it, he declared that adultery is not a sin and hinted at his own extramarital affair, almost urging the tabloid to reach the obvious conclusion. It colors Trump’s impression of himself in the 90s and onward as a playboy who could have any woman he wanted, no matter their marital status or desire for his attention. 

The Post, often friendly to Trump during his current presidential campaign, has not publicized its archives prior to 1998 but The Daily Beast obtained some of the old issues which document Trump’s views at the times.

“Do you think adultery is a sin?” Trump was asked in the February issue.

“Very good question,” he responded. According to the report at the time, Trump paused and then said:

“I don’t think it’s a sin but I don’t think it should be done.”

The reporters pressed: “Would you do it?” After which, Trump coyly responded “I’ll let you guess.”

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