Kerry Washington’s “Rant” about Recent Police Shootings

After giving birth to her second child and thanking well wishers, the ‘Scandal’ star took to twitter to “rant” about the recent police killing of Deborah Danner, the 66-year-old woman with schizophrenia, killed by a New York police officer.

“It’s a quiet Saturday afternoon. So, a few things I wanna get off my chest…,” she started. “I saw all your very kind & thoughtful congratulatory tweets. So yeah we thank you. Xo”

The “Scandal” actress also addressed the death of Danner in the Bronx, where Washington grew up.

“Also the loss of #DeborahDanner has rattled my core. Not only becuz of painful truth that we must continue to affirm that #BlackLivesMatter,” she tweeted. “But also becuz #DeborahDanner was killed in the community where I was raised. Community filled w/people I know & love. So when I #sayhername.”

Washington continued, “My heart aches. For lives lost and for the lives we must protect. For the humanity we must work to illuminate and preserve and affirm. #BLM.”

The actress ended her self-described “rant” by encouraging her Twitter followers to check out “Moonlight,” a film released Friday that centers on the story of a young black man in Miami coming to terms with his sexual identity.

“It is artful food for your soul,” Washington said. “At a time when so many of us need to be lovingly nourished.”

She concluded her series of tweets with: “End of rant XOXOXOXOX.”

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