Just Like That Trump Changes His Mind on “Rigged” System Talking Point

Can you imagine this guy in the White House with all the power of the world at his disposal? A guy who can change his mind at the drop of a dime should not and cannot lead the free world or have his finger on the nuclear code.

Trump has shown time and time again that he is incapable of maintaining a steady position on any political issue. We’ve seen and heard situations where Trump says something one day and totally change position days, even hours later. So it comes as no surprise that Trump’s “rigged system” talking-point has come to an end now that the FBI announced a review of Hillary’s emails.

“It might not be as rigged as I thought,” Trump said at a campaign rally in New Hampshire after FBI director James Comey advised Congressional leaders of newfound Clinton emails. “The FBI, I think they are going to right the ship, folks. I think they are going to right the ship, and they are going to save their reputation by doing so.”

Just hours before the FBI’s announcement, Trump was interviewed on Fox News where he condemned the FBI, saying the agency “rolled over” by not throwing Hillary Clinton in jail.

“The system is rigged when Hillary Clinton is allowed to run for president, because what she did is criminal,” Trump told Baier Friday morning. “The FBI rolled over and the Department of Justice rolled over.” For extra emphasis, he added moments later, “When she’s allowed to run for office, the FBI rolled over.”

“Rolled over” no more. Trump has now changed his position on the very same FBI.

“I have great respect for the fact that the FBI and the Department of Justice are now willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made. This was a grave miscarriage of justice that the American people fully understood. And it is everybody’s hope that it is about to be corrected.”

I can see Trump in the Oval office snuggling with Russia’s Vladimir Putin on the phone, then bombing Moscow minutes later because Putin hung up without saying good night. Instability is not a trait we want in the next Commander-in-Chief and it is unbelievable that Republicans allowed Trump to get this close to the White House.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!