Donald Trump Tells Voters System Not Rigged if it Helps Him Win

It’s now become the calling card of the Republican presidential candidate to say the entire election process is “rigged.” The same process that took a “new-comer”, “outsider”, “non-political businessman” from his mansion in Manhattan and turned him into a presidential candidate, is now all of a sudden, “rigged!” That rigged system allowed Donald Trump to beat almost 20 seasoned Republican politicians in the nomination process, but now that Trump is behind in all the credible polls in the general election, he and his campaign are crying foul!

But wait!

According to Trump at a recent campaign event, the system can correct itself if it turns around and works in Trump’s favor again. Trump suggested that he might be hurting himself by saying the system is rigged, because if his supporters show up and vote multiple times for him to win, well, that will be just fine.

During a Saturday campaign stop in Cleveland, Ohio, Donald Trump doubled down on recent claims that the entire election is rigged, including what he baselessly argues is widespread voter fraud against him. In almost the same breath, he jokingly insinuated that his supporters could commit voter fraud to help him win, by illegally casting ballots in several locations.

“Maybe they’ll vote for Trump, I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t be saying that,” he said, shrugging and egging the crowd on. “I may be hurting myself, you’re right. You’re right. Maybe they’re going to vote for Trump. All right, let’s forget that. It’s okay for them to do it.”

The statement came as Trump accused Democrats of relying on votes of undocumented immigrants and dead people. There is no evidence to suggest that either constituency turns up to the polls and votes on election day.


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