Donald Trump Demonstrates The 5 Profiles of a Stalker in Townhall Debate – PIC

As Hillary Clinton went about the business of winning the second Presidential debate, her opponent, Republican Donald Trump, was busy auditioning for the role of ‘David’ in the sequel to the 90’s Stalker film, FEAR!

1. Keep talking, I’m sneaking up behind you


2. Now I’m right behind you and you can’t see me


3. Lurk Lurk Lurk

US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump debate during the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 9, 2016. / AFP / Robyn Beck (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

4. Now I’m on your side and you still can’t see me


5. So close, I can grab your pus… Oops! lurking-5

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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