Chris Christie Slams Trump – His Comments are “Completely Indefensible”

Can you believe it? Just like you I am totally shocked that Chris Christie found something disgusting about Donald Trump.

The former Republican presidential candidate stood with Trump through thick and thin, even getting ridiculed by many for his undying support of Trump’s foolish positions.

But Christie drew the line after hearing the things Trump had to say  in the infamous 2005 tape, where Trump condoned grabbing women by their genitalia and trying to have sex with a married woman.

Christie called Trump’s comment, “completely indefensible.”

“​Appearing on WFAN’s “Boomer and Carton,” the governor told Craig Carton that the 2005 video of Trump is “completely indefensible and I won’t and haven’t defended it.”

Christie also said that Trump’s apology was inadequate.

“He should have been much more direct and focused on just saying sorry and only saying sorry,” said Christie. “When you’re going to make an apology like that, you need to be focused on it (alone.)”

Christie, a father of four, also said he wondered if Ttump was the right person for the job of President.”You certainly have to think about it,” Christie said.

Christie admitted that explaining Trump’s remarks to his children was “the hardest thing.” He said tryimg to find an explanation got “a little tough.”

Even with that though, Christie still endorses the Republican nominee. Go figure.

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