Republican Steve King Says Colin Kaepernick’s Activism is “Sympathetic to ISIS” – Video


The very premise of the question irks me. According to Newsmax host, Steve Malzberg, the constitutional right of an individual stops when that person goes to work or put on a uniform.

In an interview with Iowa’s Republican congressman, Steve King, Malzberg argued that he disagrees with the coach of The 49ers who said that Kaepernick has a constitutional right to protest.

“No, not on the field. Not in uniform!” Malzberg exclaimed. “You know I can’t sit here with my fist in the air in a form of protest over something while I do my show. I’ll be fired! My boss would say you can’t do it!”

Malzberg then states that “there is no constitutional right for a freedom of expression when you’re in uniform and working for a football team.”

Of course Steve King totally agreed that the constitutional rights of Americans stop at employment. “I would fire them,” King said, of anyone who want to work for him while exercising their constitutional right to protest. King then went out on a limb to blame Kaepernick’s “Islamic girlfriend” for the changes in Kaepernick and for him asserting his constitutional right to protest.


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