Chris Wallace Praised “How Quickly” Trump Ended The Birther Issue – Video


Fox’s Chris Wallace can sometimes be sane… or maybe it’s just an act. I’ve watched his various interviews on numerous occasions and at times wondered why he worked at Fox. But he works at Fox News where a level of bias is necessary for employment, a clear bias that was on full display in this little chat he had with Shepard Smith.

Speaking about Donald Trump’s recent acknowledgement that President Obama was in fact, born in the United States, Wallace apparently forgot that for over 5 years, Donald Trump led the Birther movement and lied about the president’s place of birth. In his chat with Smith, Wallace sounded as if Trump’s birtherism began only a few days ago.

“In less than 24 hours, he cut it off,” Wallace said referring to Trump’s acceptance of the President’s American birth. “He said Obama was born in America, period. So that’s different, and may in fact help him limit the political damage.”

Wallace compared Trump’s response to the birther issue to other unforced errors he’s had in the past, and he praised “how quickly” Trump’s campaign “rolled it back.”

He continued;

What’s different is that so often in the past when Trump would get into one these things like the fight with the gold-star family after the Democratic convention or going after the Mexican-American judge who was handling the Trump University case, he would keep it going for a while, and he would refuse to back off. That would feed the flame, if you will.



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