Black Trump Supporter – “I don’t live in a black neighborhood so I’m not worried about getting shot”


The following was said by Ret. Brigadier Gen. Remo Butler, as he was interviewed by Carol Costello on CNN. I’m sure by now you have noticed that Remo Butler is a black man, but as a Trump supporter, I guess it makes sense the things he said below.

“A lot of black people don’t support Donald Trump for their own reasons, and I don’t think that the Republican party has done him any favors by helping him with his outreach to the minority communities. You know, most minorities, we want the same thing that everybody else wants,” Butler explained. “The media — and I’m not bashing the media, I would never bash the media. But you heard this: The media sets the tone. If you watch the media and you watch TV, you would think that all black people are on welfare. We live in the ghetto, we’re so afraid of getting shot, and we wear our hair in dreadlocks.”

Referring to his own baldness, Butler remarked, “I don’t wear my hair in dreadlocks because I don’t have hair.”

“Two, I speak fairly well; people can understand me. Three, I don’t live in a black neighborhood so I’m not worried about going out and getting shot,” Butler said, alluding to Trump’s past lines courting black voters. “Most of my friends are like me. We are, as Reagan said, the silent majority. There’s a silent majority of black people — you notice I don’t use the term African-American — of black people out there. And I believe a lot of those people want the same things that Donald Trump wants.


I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!