Trump’s Campaign Chair Resigns Amidst his Russian Ties


Remember a few days ago when Donald Trump stood on stage and swore up and down that all was well in his campaign? That the campaign is the happiest it’s ever been? Well that too, was a lie.

Just hours after Donald Trump shook up his campaign leadership, installing the leader of a conservative blog site to run his campaign operations, Paul Manafort – the man who was responsible for turning Trump from a primary candidate to a general election candidate – sent in his resignation. 

Trump issued a statement on Manafort’s resignation in which he said he was “very appreciative for his great work in helping us get to where we are today.” Trump in particular praised Manafort for getting Trump’s campaign through the “delegate and nomination process.”

Manafort, who saw his role as campaign boss diminished this week when Trump appointed Breitbart News boss Stephen Bannon as his new campaign CEO, has been taking fire after multiple reports have revealed his connections to a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine.

Earlier this week, a leaked memo revealed that Ukrainian authorities have accused Manafort of organizing protests against a NATO military exercise in Ukraine on behalf of the pro-Russian Party of Regions. One American soldier who was in Ukraine at the time revealed that protesters organized by Manafort threw rocks at NATO troops en route to the training exercise.

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