Trump Supporter Pastor Burns, Cannot Explain Any Trump Policy – Video


The day after Donald Trump and a bunch of black pastors met, one of those pastors joined Morning Joe on MSNBC to talk about the meeting they had with Trump and the policies they discussed.

Host Mika Brzezinski began the interview by asking the pastor if Donald Trump has anything to do with the deplorable race relations in America. She asked him about Trump’s recent fight with a Federal Judge of Mexican descent, and asked the pastor if he thought Trump’s claims about the judge was racist.

The pastor apparently took offense to this question and he looked visible annoyed when he answered that he knows all about racism because he is “a black man from the deep south.” An answer that had nothing to do with Mika’s question about Trump, but… okay!

Then Rev. Al Sharpton took the banton from Mika, informing the pastor that, “we lose the moral imperative if we start saying that something that is green, is red.” Rev. Al went on to ask the pastor, “what is the policy” of Mr. Trump that will help blacks and other minorities if he becomes president?

For the next 11 minutes, the interview rambled on with other members of the panel asking for Trump’s policies, but getting nothing from Pastor Burns, an avid and outspoken Trump supporter.


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