Trump Down 10 Points in New “Fox News” Poll


Donald Trump went in front of his audience Wednesday night an proclaimed that all was well in the Trump camp. Truth is, all is not well. But the sad folks believing every word from his mouth are better off ignorant to the fact that Trump and his campaign are going down… fast… like an anvil hung around his neck.

Late Wednesday afternoon,  a poll sponsored by the Trump-friendly Fox News Network. To be clear, that’s Fox News — the network that employs Sean Hannity, the television host who has been Trump’s most ardent supporter, and Bill O’Reilly, who runs a close second.

The poll released late Wednesday afternoon was the first from Fox since the end of June, meaning that it should have fully captured the changes in the race since both Trump and Clinton were officially made their parties’ nominees at their respective national conventions.

The results suggest that if Trump is going to continue pushing the idea that the system is “rigged,” he’s going to need to find a narrative that includes Fox News being co-opted as part of the conspiracy.

The Fox poll was last conducted at the end of June and it showed Clinton ahead by six percentage points nationally, 44 to 38. On Wednesday, the margin spiked to 10 percentage points, 49 percent for Clinton and 39 percent for Trump.

Clinton has enjoyed 10-plus point margins in the Fox poll, but not since the spring, and certainly not since Trump has had the ability to turn his full focus on her. As recently as May, Trump was leading Clinton by a 45-42 margin.

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