Kansas Cop Threatens Random Black Woman and Her Daughter on Facebook

The threat came after five police officers were shot and killed in Dallas. The Kansas cop apparently trolled Facebook, found the woman’s profile and proceeded to threaten her and her little daughter.
“We’ll see how much her life matters soon,” the officer said. “Better be careful leaving your info open where she can be found 🙂 Hold her close tonight it’ll be the last time.”

The Overland Park police officer was fired Friday after the Texas woman reported the threat made the night before, shortly after a gunman opened fire on law enforcement officers during a Black Lives Matter demonstration, reported the Kansas City Star.

The comment was made from the officer’s personal Facebook account on photos of the woman’s daughter she had posted in 2014.

The woman has no idea how the officer found her Facebook profile or why he targeted her and her daughter.

“I had no clue who this guy was,” said the woman, LaNaydra Williams. “I was angry, and then I was scared.”

The police department launched an investigation Friday morning after Williams reported the comments, and the officer was fired hours later.

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