Joy Reid Factchecks Michael Steele’s False Comment About Abortions On Air – Video

Former RNC Chairman, Michael Steele went on MSNBC today and was interviewed by Joy Reid on the ridiculous comments Republican leader, Donald Trump made earlier in the week, where he said women seeking abortion services should be punished.

Asked to speak about Trump’s comment and the fact that others in the Republican party want women punished for seeking abortions, Michael Steele tried to sidestep the issue, falsely stating that no one in the Republican party is advocating punishing women.

“That has not been the policy of this country to prosecute women who had an abortion, either back in the 50’s or today,” Steele said. He then went on to call the issue a “red herring,” then reiterated his stance that no one in the Republican party is pushing laws to punish women.

But Reid already had multiple headlines cued up, showing that women were already being punished, even jailed for having an abortion.


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