Michael Savage Loses Faith in God – Blames Obama – Audio


How weak is that?

Right-wing conservative radio host Michael Savage, recently told his radio audience that he loses faith in God, because he cannot understand how God allows Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to be successful.

In other words, if God had allowed Barack Obama to be a failed leader with an unemployment rate lavishing in the double digits with hundreds of thousands of Americans losing their jobs on a monthly basis, and if the country was embroiled in multiple wars costing trillions to maintain,  and if more and more Americans  died unnecessarily because they had no Health Care or because they couldn’t afford the garbage Healthcare offered by insurance companies, and if the rest of the world continued disrespecting the United States, collectively taking off their shoe and throwing it us, then that apparently would have indicated the will of God is being accomplished and Michael Savage would be more consistent in his faith the way he was when Bush and the Republicans drove the country into the ditch.

“I go in and out of it lately,” Savage said. “When I see what Obama gets away with and what Hillary gets away with, I lose my faith.”

Republicans have passed the point of insanity.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!