Laura Bush Couldn’t Say if She Would Vote for Donald Trump


Asked in an interview whether she was on the Donald Trump bandwagon and will cast her vote for him if he becomes the Republican nominee, Laura Bush, wife of Jeb’s brother and former president George Bush, shot down the reporter’s question, saying, “I’m not going to answer. Don’t ask that.”

Laura Bush said she is uncommitted after former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.), her brother-in-law, suspended his presidential campaign last month.

“We got off the sidelines for Jeb,” she said of herself and former President George W. Bush, her husband. “He was our candidate.”

Laura Bush also cautioned Americans against abandoning their tolerance of other cultures and religions.

“One of the reasons we’re a country is because we believe in freedom of religion,” she said. “We believe that people could be religious.

“They could choose any religion that they wanted to, or they could not worship, if they didn’t want to. We don’t have any religious test in the United States. And that’s what we need to remember. We need to remember what our values are.”

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