Joe Scarborough Slams Keith Olbermann on Morning Joe – Video

Keith Olbermann, one of the strongest Progressives ever to work at MSNBC and the man who singlehandedly brought the network back from the obyss, was knocked by Joe Scarborough today, years after Olbermann left the network.

Posing a question to Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin, Joe wanted to know why Fox News dumped their support for Marco Rubio and is now in favor of Donald Trump. In asking his question, Joe sourced a New York Times article claiming that Fox News had “abandoned” Rubio. Joe called this Rubio abandonment “shocking,” because, he “had never seen a candidate treated better by any network, other than MSNBC bowing and scraping to Barack Obama 2008.”

The MSNBC host then went into his Olbermann impersonation.


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