Revealed – Cruz Pulls Carson into a Closet And…

It’s the pinnacle of hypocrisy – say a big lie in public with the goal of misleading, then try to correct your lie in secret when no one is watching. And that is exactly what the Ted Cruz campaign is accused of doing to the Ben Carson campaign.

In the first voting event in Iowa, Ted Cruz and his campaign was accused of stealing the election by fooling Ben Carson’s supporters, telling them that their candidate was dropping out and that they should vote for Cruz. The goal was successful and Ted Cruz pulled off what none of the polls predicted – an Iowa win.

On Thursday night when no one was looking, Ted Cruz pulled Ben Carson into… a closet of all places to, I hope, personally apologize for his Iowa lie. The closet meeting took about 20 minutes and according to Carson’s campaign, the meeting on Thursday night “did not go well.”

Senior Carson spokesperson Jason Osborne said to The Daily Beast that the meeting “did not go well” because he did not have time to prepare Carson for the discussion, which went long enough that Carson’s staff had to knock on the door to get him ready to speak at the event. The Beast, citing an unidentified party operative, reported that the two met for between 20 and 25 minutes while Carson’s Secret Service detail stood outside the closet.

According to Osborne, Carson told him that he and the Tea Party senator agreed to “disagree on accountability and culpability.”

A spokesperson for Cruz’s campaign, Rick Tyler, also confirmed that the meeting took place, saying, “Yes, they had a good visit.”

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