Lawsuit Filed Against Ted Cruz in Texas – Video

sleezy ted cruz

No, not because he was born in Canada and running for President of the United States, that lawsuit will come later if Donald Trump gets his way, and if Ted Cruz turns out to be the Republican candidate for president. This lawsuit filed in Texas was because of more sleazy maneuvering by Cruz and his team, and their violation a Texas law in the way they asked for donations.

According to the law, Texas House Bill 1265, anyone soliciting donations in the state using “fake checks” must specify on the check that it is a “SPECIMEN-NON-NEGOTIABLE” and those words must be printed on the check in 18-point lettering. Ted Cruz has sent out these “fake checks” trying to get Texans to send him $45, telling them that they donations will be matched. By the looks of the checks below, Cruz and his campaign clearly violated the specifics in the law.

“This is the kind of mail my legislation was trying to prevent,” said the Bill’s author, Gene Hu. “It certainly breaks the spirit of the law, and I agree that the Texas’ Consumer Protection Division should look into whether or not it breaks the letter of the law, as well.”

Phillip Martin, deputy director of Progress Texas filed the lawsuit, saying that Cruz must be held accountable. “We filed the complaint because no candidate is above the law, not even Ted Cruz.”


More explained in the video below


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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