Hillary Clinton Beats Bernie Sanders in Nevada

hillary clinton Nevada

Whatever retooling the Clinton campaign team did after being blown out by Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, worked… at least in Nevada, as the former Secretary of State was projected the winner of the Democratic Nevada caucus long before the results rolled in.

Clinton prevailed in the third contest of the primary campaign with the backing of women, union workers, minorities and voters who are certain that the former secretary of state will have a better shot of winning in November, according to entrance polls.

Marvin Teske, a 53-year-old security guard at a Reno casino, said he worried that Sanders would have trouble winning in the fall. The Vermont senator largely appeals to white liberals, a relatively narrow swath of the Democratic Party.

“As far as being too far left, I agree with a lot of the stuff he has to say. But the problem I have is that all the stuff he is promising is never going to happen,” Teske said. “I’ve always liked Hillary.”

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